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Monsters are real, Vampires are not. They are made up from someone's imagination!

Recent Sitings:

According to Louisiana and Texas are the recent hot beds for Big Foot. Within the last couple months the reports have been coming in. In February, from Louisiana, one report claimed that the dgos were barking loudly in the yard. The wife went to check out what was going and saw the big guy, her husband took a shot gun and took some shots at what was definitely not human. Be sure to read the full report of this as follow the link in the list below.

According to one of the Loch Ness watchers sites, the link is at the end of this message, the last siting of Nessie took place on "September 4th 2000 at Fort Augustus when a man saw two humps in the water close to Cherry Island at the South end of the loch." As we grow closer to the spring and summer hours expect more Nessie sightings!!!

Links to Real Sites About Monsters:


Unsolved Mysteries (Not related to tv show, but still fellow believers)

History of the Yetti

Nessie's Grotto (good source page for info and accounts on all sorts of monsters)

A Love of Monsters (An interesting look at Gargoyles and Architecture in New York)

All About Werewolves (A real nice look at the history and first accounts of Werewolves)

The Unexplained Site

Gargoyles & Grotesques (based in Chicago, and you can bet SU2 is watching this place!)

Flathead Monster Watch