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She is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and talented actresses to come along in some time. She joins the cast of Special Unit 2 as Kate Benson, a woman who can see beneath the surface of the world she lives in. In an attempt to stop a gargoyle from kidnapping a little girl, she fails but when she explains to her superiors exactly what happened no one believes her. The along comes Special Unit 2 who do believe her and enlist her to battle the monsters and missing links that pervade their society.

Alexondra Lee has graced out screens on another Sci-Fi show, which had excellent potential in Secret Agent Man. I was really enjoying that show when it got pulled. She also made an appearance on the show Early Edition, so she has seen some experience in the genre. Yet, most people recognize her from her role as Callie on Foxs now defunct Party of Five series. She hasnt had much by way of feature film credits, she appeared in What Women Want starring Mel Gibson but I dont expect that to last long as she is a credit to what is right about the acting world today. Alexondra Lee has a bright future ahead of her, I hope that includes a long lasting run on Special Unit 2.


This man needs no introduction really. He is one of the most gifted actors in the world, whom I think hasnt gotten his due. He plays the true bad ass and trigger happy Nick OMalley on Special Unit 2. He gives a new meaning to the word overkill. If anyone has seen the promos for Special Unit 2, you know how wicked his character is. He seems pretty down to earth and knows what hes doing, but he also has that edgy feeling to the character. Where you wonder if hes going to crack a joke, shoot a monster with a big gun, or play on the serious side.

Michael Landes is a true talent and if anyone can cover the scope of Nick OMalley as a character this is the guy. There is no doubt in my mind Michael and the rest of the cast and going to make this show one of the best. Hes a multi-talent actor as he has served as producer on the movie Getting Personal. He is familiar face to the world of Sci-Fi himself. He played the original (and best IMHO) Jimmy Olsen in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. He also played the title character in the wickedly entertaining TV movie Max Knight: Ultra Spy. Some of his other credits include The Wonder Years; he played Kirk McCraig, Too Something, and made a few appearances on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Hes a real credit to acting, and a great addition to Special Unit 2. Dont expect this guy to be held down, hes going to unleash and show how good he really is in Special Unit 2. He's got a future ahead of him as well.

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The Man, the myth and the legend, Richard Gant is no stranger to the world of acting. Yet, he plays Captain Richard Page the serious and sometimes comedic character in charge of the very special branch of law enforcement in Special Unit 2.

Richard Gant, is perhaps one of the most under-rated actor in the world. He is a veteran of many genres on television and film. You might recognize him from his roles in The Nutty Professor 2, Godzilla (1998), and Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (the 13th) to name a few. He is probably most well known for his turn on the ABC series NYPD Blue. Now he's with us, and with the budding young cast this wily veteran will bring out the best in them.


If the saying "size doesn't matter" ever held up, it does here. He is quite the accomplished actor and has a terrific flare with acting. Danny Woodburn plays Carl the Gnome who plays dual spy so that the good guys come out on top. Hes pretty much the undercover agent in the world of monsters who always has the information. However, he also has a nasty habit of holding up convenient stores that Special Unit 2 overlooks, as he is great asset to them.

Danny Woodburn brings a lot of depth and talent to Special Unit 2. If you thought Verne Troyer was cool, Danny Woodburn runs circles around that guy in sheer talent. He is no stranger to the world of Sci-Fi and monsters. He played Otli in the short lived live-action series Conan. He is most famous for his role as Mickey Abbott on show Seinfeld. Danny knows how to deliver the comedy and kick monster ass, and is a great addition to the show.

Jonathan Togo

Jonathan Togo is a relative newcomer to the world of not just Sci-Fi but acting as well. He will most definitely gain some experience on Special Unit 2 working with the veteran in Richard Gant, the sharp Michael Landes, and other fine actors he'll work with. Initially, I had some resevrations about him and his character. However, while his character leaves a lot be desired it does have potential. As the new science geek for Special Unit 2, his character which is, yes, Jonathan, he does carry himself well and is getting the idea of who is character is and how to flesh him out a bit more. In time Jonathan both the actor and character will develop into a fine addition. As it is for all new cast members on any show, the first few episodes are a little shakey. Then everyone gets used to each other and find a rhythm. I have confidence in Jonathan to become his own character and not a direct replacement of Sean.

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