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Here's the scoop...


The link for the petition is now up. Just the click the image of NIck to go there. Also please be sure to write your letter to Les Moovwes about what is happening to SU-2. Just don't be too angry or aggressive it might have the opposite effect. Be patient with your letter and think it out first, then write it. THis is up to all of us now. Let's kick ass...

Some bad news. It appears UPN has rescinded the order for the back 9 episodes. Evan Katz , recently reported on SU-2 Yahoo Club, that the new management of UPN felt differently about the show than the prior regime did. In other news Roswell was picked up for the rest of its season. This is rediculous, write these guys at the addy to the right and below.


Evan Katz, creator and executive producer of Special Unit 2 addressed fans on the Yahoo Club regarding a few issues of this new season. He talks about Sean, the new HQ and a bit more. It's great to see him taking time to talk to the fans. Not every show can have that kind of relationship with the crew, especially with the creator. Be sure to check it out... Here's a quick link over there...

Straight from

Jim Finn, the V/fx Supervisor of Andromeda, is now the visual effects consultant for the second season of Special Unit 2 also. He believes the it is going to be a very different show from the first six episodes already in the can (the six season one eps). SU2 is now shooting its third episode, of season two, in Vancouver and seems to be going very well. Pictures look great and the stories are way out there.

Sign the Petition by clicking on me...

Click on the image above to sign the Petition.

News from the Fan Front:

UPN is cancelling SU-2. Help the show by writing to UPN. I'll try and get a name to add to this address. For now, it wouldn't hurt to try postcards...

Write to UPN and ask them to keep Special Unit 2 alive!!!

Mr. Les Moonves
President and CEO of CBS Television
CBS Television City
7800 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036

As well as:

Dawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff, President of Entertainment
11800 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90025-6602

In the Media:


X-Pose Special # 17 - Featuring a small but very nice article based on a recent interview with Michael Landes, this is a nice read. It's sort of a preview to this seaosn of television but a nice read with some good pictures. A couple behind the scenes, and a good picture of the gun of Special Unit 2.


Starlog # 292 (November) - This issue of Starlog features an article based of a recent interview with Evan Katz. In it Evan talks about the new season of Special Unit 2 that is commencing right now. Finally a real article in a U.S. magazine...

X-Pose #60 - You can't miss this issue. This issue features a nice article based off an interview with Danny Woodburn. The article is a decent size but could have been longer. Oh well, in it Danny talks about the new season, the original pilot for the show that we never saw, and a lot more... It's definitely a must read article. The cover features former Special Unit 2 alumni Tom Welling along side his Smallville co-stars...

TV Zone (Special #41) - This magazine is a great genre magazine out of the UK. They have a article based off an interview they had with Alexondra Lee inside and it's a nice piece. Seems kind of basic compared to FHM and Cinefantastique excellent article.

Cinefantastique (Volume 33 Number 3) - This is a great magazine alone and was very surprised to see an article about Special Unit 2 inisde. This magazine ranks amongst the more intelligent sci-fi fans as the only fine American Sci-Fi magazine being published. Inside is probably the best article written for and about the show. With lots of interesting tidbits about how Special Unit 2 came to be what it is to comments about what the actors and others think of the show. I highly recommend this magazine. It has Angelina Jolie on the cover so you really can't miss it.


FHM (For Him Magazine)- July/August 2001 Issue features "The Women of Sci-Fi" article and spread. It features Alexondra Lee is a very classy and sexy spread and short interview with her about Special Unit 2. They don't really say anything beyond she had a stint on Special Unit 2 since they mostly assumed the show would not return. However being she was on it and how naturally sexy she is they picked a good one. They picked all the women wisely.

Starburst #273

Starburst #273

This is a special issue where it has two different covers you can pick from. This issue features an article on Special Unit 2 that had an interview with Alexondra Lee. It's a great article and nice pictures. If you can't find this issue at your bookstore, you can order a copy at the following link.

In the Media:

Starlog Issue 286 (May 2001) -Features an terific article on Special Unit 2 and Michael Landes. It's based off of an interview with Michael Landes and is a superb article and a great read. They talk a bit about the upcoming episodes and little about the future of the show and how the show is looked at and much much more. Check it out...

Starlog #285

Starlog Issue 285 (April 2001) -Features an article on Special Unit 2 with Alexondra Lee the sexy star of Special Unit 2 providing insight on the show. It's a nice piece but it could have been another page or two longer. Like Starlog had it correct with dubbing that one show the best on the Sci-Fi Channel when in truth it's really First Wave! Anyway...