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Have a question about Special Unit 2 ?
You've come to the right place...

What is Special Unit 2 about?

Special Unit 2 is a show about a secret division of the Chicago Police Department that hunts down monsters and missing links. There are misconceptions about the style show that SU-2 really is. If comparisons are necessary to get an idea about the feel of the show, consider it X-Files Lite. This show deals with the unique lives and relationships between the principle characters delivering a good message about friendship and humanity. Special Unit 2 borders on the edge of horror but is smart enough not to take itself too seriously, with real human characters with real human flaws. Special Unit 2 may seem like a typical show, it really is not. Special Unit 2 is about friendship and so much more. Do not let the image of a comedy-action-horror hour show fool you. It is a better show than critics will give it credit for, because it is not mainstream enough for them. It is not dumb enough for them.

What does Special Unit 2 do, specifically?

Darwin was half right. Scientists think they have never found the missing link, when the truth has been staring at them in the face. The monsters of every child's nightmare are the missing links, which is why every culture has the same fairy tales about the same creatures such as baby eating ogres, virgin loving dragons, 200 hundred year-old trolls. They are all real except vampires; they are complete and total fiction. If it is not man or beast, it is known as a Link. If it is something, the rest of the world does not understand or acknowledge this unit deals with it.

I am fairly new where can I chat with other SU-2 fans?

Excellent question my fellow SU-2'er. There are a couple of Yahoo Clubs. One is at the following address, ( ) which is also located in the "Missing Links" section. The other Club is a little different but can be located at the following addy ( ). I also have put up a b-board on this site which is free for everyone to use...

Who do Links love Chicago?

No one really knows why Links loves Chicago. Captain Page echoed that sentiment in the pilot and wished they didn't love Chicago. Not all Links however love Chicago as some Links live in other major cities like Detroit, Boston, New York, etc..

Where is Special Unit 2 shot?

The first season was filmed in Los Angeles. However, for the second season the show has moved production to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The reason being is that it is cheaper to film in Vancouver than LA. The show really won't suffer if they reconstruct the headquarters just right. Shooting began on the second season towards the end of July. About 10 - 11 episodes have filmed at this time (09-26-01). At this rate, fourteen episodes will be complete by Halloween with filming to possibly finish somewhere around the end of December on the second season.

Do all Links die? If not where do they go?

Most Links do in fact die. The ones that somehow do not die a miserable death are placed in a cell on one of the seven floors beneath the headquarters of Special Unit 2. The ones who have done something so terrible that need to be taught a lesson are placed in "the Hole." It is the floor beneath the aforementioned seven. (Re: The Depths)

Is there any kind of training for Special Unit 2?

This is actually a fair question to ask. Speculation is that there is no training per say. Sean Radmon used the pick-up line that the training for Special Unit 2 was harder than the training for the Navy Seals. For the most part, any training would really deal with operating the various weapons but there is an instruction manual given to the new recruits.


What kind of cars do they drive?

So you noticed those slick looking cars and would like to know what they are right? Well the cars used in the first season include the Isuzu Vehi-Cross, Chrysler Concorde, Dodge Intrepid ES, Dodge Durango (affectionately referred to as the Containment Vehicle).

What aren't Kate and Nick 'together'?

This is also a fair question. The only real answer to that from some of the fans is that Nick and Kate do not have that kind of relationship. The unique relationship they have is what makes this show work. The chemistry they have and emotions they have are that of a friendship of a different variety. Creator Evan Katz has gone on record saying they will not have any inkling of a romantic relationship.

Why striped ammo and not regular bullets?

For the most part normal bullets only irritate the Links. They don't do anything effectively. However, the color-coded ammo works just fine. However, only certain ammo works on certain Links. The number of limbs and skeletal composition a Link has is what determines which color ammo to use. Red Ammo is last resort, and tends to blow up large houses...

How does Sean know all the answers?

Actually, Sean does not always know the answers to questions. In the episode "the Waste," Sean was as baffled as anyone else as to how the Link was created. However, Sean is the resident Link biologist. He is still in college so Sean has access to the large libraries there to study mythology. We don't know how long Sean has been a part of Special Unit 2. He has been there long enough to read through most, if not all, of the files and information on record. So he would definitely know more than anyone else about Links, being a biologist he also has a better understanding for motivation in this battle of evolution.

Where can I find tapes of the first season?

Try the Yahoo Clubs, the Discussion Boards here as the nearest webmaster is no longer available to make copies due to time constraints in real life.

Why do all Links speak English?

Only a majority of Links speak English, these Links are the ones who must hide amongst humanity or have co-existed with us and have learned it throughout the years. Other Links like the Merman do not speak English. A translator had to be constructed in order to communicate with it. Medical Waste Man did not speak one word, thus not all Links speak English...

Where can I find any Special Unit 2 merchandise?

At this point there is no "Official" merchandise for SU-2. However, in the "Cafe News" section I post updates on Special Unit 2 appearing in magazines for everyone to know about them. Other than that, there are VHS labels I have made to download or win in contests from me. I am also working on downloadable or contest items such as window decals, bumper stickers, etc... When "official" merchandise does become available, find the nearest Special Unit 2 site or Yahoo Club for information...

Copyright 2001 - DrkAngel_113

Please do not take this FAQ for your site without asking first. Just ask, if not, don't even think about trying to plagiarize my work.