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Agent Zero

Welcome to the home of the first and thus far only Special Unit 2 newsletter...

Quo Vadimus

Ah yes, welcome to the wonderful world of Special Unit 2. There is no better time in the world to become a Special Unit 2 fan than now. Without a doubt Special Unit 2 is one of the more unique and interesting shows on television to day. This column here is a way to say hello, get everyone up to speed, and talk to you about the newsletter.

Now, not everyone shares our love for the show but that is a topic for another time. All we can do is just stand here and smile as Special Unit heads into the second season of production. That's right 13 episodes is the agreement UPN gave to Special Unit 2, not too shabby considering we started with six. What decided our fate were the ratings in a key demographic, the 18-34 year old male demographic. Ratings are always tricky to explain, but in the end, we had the ratings that other shows such as Seven Days did not have. However, Special Unit 2 being a lead in for the now finished Star Trek: Voyager captured a substantial audience and maintained the ratings over the summer. The second season premiere noted by creator Evan Katz was pretty good. One thing we all need to be sure of is that...


Hey there, I figured what better way to start the newsletter than with a superb contest idea. First, how about I start with the prizes? I am a little spread thin for Special Unit 2 merchandise. However, I have a Special Unit 2 notepad and a couple pencils used in promoting the show. The pencils have the tagline "Darwin was half right," on them. Along with that, I will send over vhs labels of your own design. (Tell me what you want, and I will make them for you) Every one who enters will get 3 labels for your tape collection I know, I don't have a whole lot, but who is not to say in the future I won't have better stuff to give up for merchandise. Have a little fun with this everyone.

The objective of this contest is pretty simple. Make a wanted poster of Carl. This can go however you would like it to go. It can be serious, comical, or anything you want. You don't have to be an artist, you don't have to be a writer, all you need is a little creativity. Come and give it a shot, even just for the hell of it. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. The main thing is to have fun with this.

Forward Direction

For an interesting look at the world behind Special Unit 2, I thought long and hard about whom to start with. There are so many people with talent behind the scenes to talk about I figured let us start with the directors. Their visions with a particular script and styles give us the different episodes we see one week to the next. Whether it's a comedic episode or a serious one a good director can take a great script and make the episode one of the finest. It's amazing what directors can do, some like long takes. Remember in the episode "the Skin," where Nick and Kate drive up to the first crime scene. There were no cuts and Nick and Kate went straight through without stopping. Long takes are great to me because it shows how good an actor really is while establishing a heightened atmosphere. Every director has their own way of making the atmospheres thicker or thinner depending on the kind of episode it is.