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SunCon 2002


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SunCon 2002
Agent Zero

That's right. The Special Unit 2 National Convention, or affectionately called the SunCon.


As of right now, all plans are tentative. However, next Spring I hope to host a mini-con for SU-2'ers out there right here in Madison, Wisconsin. The main objective is to get together for a weekend and talk, watch, and party Special Unit 2 style. I'll be looking at some hotels in the area and their conference rooms see what can be done. If not enough people show interest I'll just move the darn thing to my house. I'll bring the tapes, the food, and drinks. You, bring yourself, your fan fic, and/or your SU-2 ID... It's fun watching Special Unit 2, imagine what it's like to watch it with other passionate SU-2 fans. Think of the jokes, and the Mystery Science Theater 3000 atmosphere it will have. Then if there's time we go to a movie on one of those days to do something non SU-2 related to relax and hang out with friends...

Stay tuned for more regular updates...

Packing the heat...