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The Arsenal


The Torch
The Classics
Concussion Grenades
High Powered Rifles
Stun Gun
Infrared Hand Gun
The Classics

Bringing tradition to the new millenium!

spear and sledge

Sledge Hammer

If you want brute force from a traditional instrument of destruction than the Sledge Hammer is for you. The Sledge Hammer comes in a variety of sizes but the recommended size is the long wooden handle with the heaviest weight possible. The other type handles carry too much vibration when connecting with a suspect or inanimate object. So for safety all weapons lockers are outfitted with one long handled sledge. It's old school but the sledge still rules!


This is another oldie but a goodie. This particular instrument has a variety of uses. The original use can be traced back to its conception in ancient times when the spear was used just as it sounds. This weapon functions as a conducting rod that can deliver 10,000 Volts of electricity to the where the heart should be located in a revivified mummy. The spear can also double as a staff in a fight. Nick has a thousand ways to use a spear; we're trying to get him to write them down when he has a break. He keeps saying that as he writes them down he thinks of more ways to use a spear. So, if, and when he ever finishes that list, we'll try and put it up. For the weapon without fear, use the spear!


The preferred instrument in Gnome Croquet is always the crowbar. This crowbar is another item in the classics line of weapons of destruction. While not as powerful as a sledge or as maneuverable as a spear, the crowbar is effective for prying anything open or hooking a Link. The crowbar can also hold it's own in a sword fight. While not much for cutting, the metal is of titanium alloy, which is the same metal that makes up the space shuttle. NASA was kind enough to help us out after we took care of couple Link problems they had. With a weapon like this, there is no need to go far without the Crowbar!

.45 Caliber Hand Gun


One of the earliest guns ever made, the 45 Caliber has a long history to it. From it's conception in the early 1700s it has developed into one of the most favorite weapons of choice for officers who love the revolving action and power it delivers. While the gun has a long history, Special Unit 2 has made modifications on the designs and made the gun slight more compact and lighter. It still remains as a single action revolver with a cock and locked design. Officer however must take note that the thumb safety may only be activated once the pistol is cocked. This .45 Caliber gun is a very lethal yet reliable gun. Users must be specially trained, as it takes intelligence and respect before this weapon will be assigned to anyone. Not all agents who wish to carry this gun are able to get the clearance. Agents who have proven themselves with lesser weapons have a chance to carry this weapon.

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