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The Arsenal


The Torch
The Classics
Concussion Grenades
High Powered Rifles
Stun Gun
Infrared Hand Gun


You must take extra precautions when wielding a weapon of mass destruction!

- Do NOT drink and operate weapons of mass destruction.

- Neve point your gun at a Link unless you intend to shoot it.

- Never load or operate your gun near an open flame or heat source.

- If you are going to shoot a Link aim for the head or body, never the limbs.

- Never at ANY time use the cell phone while armed with a weapon of mass destruction.

- When experiencing gun jams never hit the gun.

- Always store your gun loaded but with the safety on.

- Always keep your gun in your holster when not in use.

- Do not disassemble your weapon at any time.

- Never load more than one Red Bullet at a time.

- Always hold your weapon with two hands.

- Always keep a safe distance between yourself and the Link you are to shoot.

- Never point your weapon of mass destruction at another Special Unit 2 officer.

- Do not submerge or expose your weapon of mass destruction to a foreign substance or liquid.

- Never shoot at a Liquid Fractal. Liquid Fractal do ricochet.

- Different ammo, exists for different Links depending on number of limbs and skeletal composition.

- Always hold your rifle tight to your shoulder.

- You may not customize your gun without written authorization from the C.O.

- You may not detail or paint your weapon of mass destruction. (see exposure to open flame or heat source)

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