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High Powered Rifles

Hold it firm and tight to your shoulder or it will break your collar bone!

This High Powered Rifle packs one the biggest punches in the entire Armoury. It will break your collar bone if not handled correctly, it has separated shoulders when using Red Bullets.

One of the best features about this rifle, is the extraordinary lgith weight of the gun. One arm can hold and even throw or toss the gun around like that of a Glock.

Superbly designed by the engineers, this carbon metallic frame works best in rapid fire mode. As the barrel heats, the bullets increase in velocity when exiting the gun. Adding a lot more punch to the bang.

The special chrome or metallic look was selected to maintain a proper weathering seal for the rifle as in other standard guns. This Rifle can fired in all kinds of weather and still perform. One of the best all purpose rifles in stock.

High Powered

High Powered Rifle

*** Special Upgrades ***

Recently, Sean Radmon and the engineers collaborated on a special upgrade of this rifle for use on Thropes. Newly enhanced features include a new tracking and compensation beam that when used with Smart Bullets can help determine a Thropes speed and distance and predict where the Thrope will be and increase the chances of putting a Thrope down before he gets you by 90%. The accuracy is outstanding, this integrated tracking system works only Thropes.

Killing Gargoyles typically takes
4 - 8 shots.

Killing Thropes typically takes
3 - 5 shots.

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