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The Arsenal


The Torch
The Classics
Concussion Grenades
High Powered Rifles
Stun Gun
Infrared Hand Gun
Stun Gun

Stun Gun (Standard Issue)

In this small gun, one will find it's light weight and use of high yield energy bullets to take out a Mummy or Link at a good distance extremely easy to use and straight forward. In order to properly utilize this gun you need to have a high accuracy score in the test range with hand guns.

These guns are preloaded and remain charged for hours, please be sure to turn the power off when not in use. Otherwise the energy bullets will be drained and lose their effectiveness in putting down a Japanese Samurai Mummy. As with standard guns it features the carbon metallic construction and a much more comfortable grip. This gun can be used with one hand, but recommended the use of two hands to help keep the gun properly balanced. Only agents with extensive experience will be allowed to carry two of these guns when tracking a Mummy.

- How to properly kill a revived Mummy -

You must first stun the Mummy with 10,000 Volts of electricity. Something than can be achieved with a standard issue Stun Gun.

This was stun the Mummy for approximately one hour. Providing ample time to ram a rod in the Mummies heart and send 10,000 Volts of electricity to where its heart used to be.

In certain circumstances this may or may not happen. In the odd chance this situation arises once again you will have to improvise.