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The Arsenal


The Torch
The Classics
Concussion Grenades
High Powered Rifles
Stun Gun
Infrared Hand Gun

Different kinds of ammo for different Links, depending on number of limbs and skeletal composition.

Standard Ammo

Red Bullet

This is the proper bullet to be used in extreme cases or emergencies. The Red Bullet has an extraordinary yield and kick to it. This bullet will destroy anything from an penthouse suite to an old Victorian house. This is essentially a high yielding explosive bullet.

Use extreme caution and never ever load more than one Red Bullet in your gun. The Red Bullet can be set to a proper delay from 3 seconds to 3 minutes. Plenty of time to get to a safe distance. This is not to be used on a Link, unless the situations dictate it. Please be advised agents are allowed to carry only two Red Bullets after completing the full advanced weapons training.

Various Ammo

Green Ammo

To put it aptly, if you're gonna be mean, you better use use green. Green Ammo works on a much smaller explosive yield than Red Ammo does. Green Ammo is still experimental at best, however, if you are in need of killing re-animated corpses then you should get a couple extra clips. Do not play with green ammo as they have very fragile casings. Remember, these are experimental bullets at best and not properly field tested. The Chicago division has had excellent results thus far, but until the final results come in be extremely cautious.

Blue Ammo

When dealing with a pair of gargoyles who are hell bent on our destruction. The ammo you want is blue ammo. It is the only ammo that Special Unit 2 has that can do any damage to a gargoyle. Nothing else works, except when interrogating said creature where a Bazooka with Shrinking Ammo would work in getting said creature to talk. It takes numerous rounds to put a gargoyle down so always maintain extra clips when a gagroyle is around. When you use the ammo blue, you know a gargoyle is through!

Taupe Ammo

This specially designed ammo is for use on Merman Links. Originally this ammo was theorized to kill the Links, when after an initial encounter with Captain Page, the ammo turned out to only stun the bruts. It is yet to be seen whether Taupe Ammo could be used on other links. One way or another, don't be a dope use Taupe!


The darts are much like the normal ammo, in that they are encased in a shell of a normal bullet like the blue, taupe, and red bullets The casing is still of a carbon metallic construction, with the tip is slight modified to maintain the dart penetrates the skin. Think of a blowgun, or when you put a spit wad on the end of a straw and blew really hard. The straw, like the shell stayed with you, while the wad or left the straw and hit the target. This construction separates the darts from normal bullets that have hollow tip points Each dart can be equipped to contain either an antidote, poison or any form of sedative to knock out any man, link, or beast.

A mature man; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Standard Ammo

When it comes to multi-purpose, this ammo is enough to atleast stun a Link. Enabling you, the agent, to capture the Link and bring it in till at such time Special Unit 2 can determine how to kill it.

Other than for stunning, this ammo is typically used on Links with 2 arms and 2 legs. Number of bullets to kill any Link has never been determined. Thus, when you file your report remember to cite how many bullets you emptied in each Link as best as you can recall.

This ammo can come in one two ways. One you can load each bullet individually, or in the three packs for quick loading in a pinch. Detective Benson was able to load two sets into her gun enabling her to knock out Nick when he exposed himself to the Lycanthrope Virus. So which ever you prefer practice caution and intelligence when placed in a dangerous situation.

Energy Bullets

The energy bullets were designed by M.I.T. after a sister organization took care of a link problem there. These energy bullets are actually formed within the chamber of a stun gun directly from the energy capacitator. The capacity has a high limit of charge and can stand multiple discharges before being emptied. Basically, it's a battery that stays strong from its initial core form to the convergence chamber into an energy bullet that contains itself. To avoid the techno-babble, let's just say that's just the way it is. The bullets can vary in the range of voltage depending on the setting of the gun that the user wishes to use.

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