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The Arsenal


The Torch
The Classics
Concussion Grenades
High Powered Rifles
Stun Gun
Infrared Hand Gun

If you don't respect your weapon of mass destruction, it will not respect you back.

Proper maintenance is always left to the agent it is issued to. Proper Protocol for not issued weapons, is to sign the weapons out. However, when in your care if maintained properly the weapons will perform at there absolute highest accuracy and proficiency.

Key Notes on Maintenance:

- Store your gun in a cool dry place.

- Store your gun in its holster.

- Use a clean lint free cloth and a wire brush for the barrel.

- If you wish to use oil; gun oil or olive oil to clean your weapon of mass destruction is recommended. Olive Oil for your knives and spears.

- You can also throw your unloaded weapon in the sink and let it soak in warm soapy water.

- If at possible keep your gun in an upright position and not laying on its side. Have it hang from the wall like in weapons locker at SU-2 headquarters.

- Clean your gun atleast once a week.

- Bring your weapon(s) of mass destruction into the armoury once a month to given a full diagnostic.

Proper Maintenance