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The Arsenal


The Torch
The Classics
Concussion Grenades
High Powered Rifles
Stun Gun
Infrared Hand Gun
Infrared Hand Gun


Ah yes, the classic and standard ikssue gun that all agents are required to sign out. Known simply as the Infrared Gun with a hair trigger that you must be very careful around. This is a multi level shooting device. It can fire anything from red bullets to tranquilizer darts. It pakcs a punch and has the ability to shot bullets one at a time or depressing the hair trigger rapidly the gun fires almost like an semi-automatic weapon.

Like other weapons this hand held gun is recommended to be fired while holding it with two hands. It has a hell of a kick and if you are proficient you can utilize two Infrareds when shooting at a Link. Very lightweight and extremely durable, the maintainence on these is tough to keep after. Yet, when you need to put a Link down you can alwasy count on the Infrared to back you up. It's the gun with lunch, that eats Links for lunch!

Here's a close up view, the picture was distorted as this novice was mishandling a weapon of mass destruction she knew nothing about. So alsways keep the safety on. The chrome paint job never really last long as overuse of this weapon takes a pounding from a variety of conditions. The main thing to notice is the ammo loads safely on the side and features a laser scope as an add on option. Where the red dot goes, the bullet goes!