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The Arsenal


The Torch
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The Torch

What you have here is more than a blowtorch; you have a real instrument of destruction in what is aptly named "The Torch." Have you ever had a need for a well done steak in 2.3 minutes, get rid of those solicitors at the front door without opening the door, or even your ex's things you simply can stand seeing your place anymore. Then this is the weapon you need, it'll do the task you need before you can scream, "Burn Baby, Burn!!!"

While slightly bulky The Torch is unbelievably light and easy to maneuver as opposed to the bazooka. It does collapse down into two separate pieces and features interchangeable barrels and nozzles for a variety of tasks. The two separate pieces come in the form on the tank and the hose as one piece and the gun as the other. When broken down, the gun is easily and readily concealed and secure within a standard duffle bag; depending on the size of the barrel, you wish to use of course. This is a controlled lit gun; you adjust the knob for pressure from the tanks before flipping the safety switch that ignites the gas.

The Torch also features the same light construction as the other weapons, and while this gun has had a perfect track record. Overuse is very hard on the equipment such as extended periods of being used. It makes the adjustable knob for pressure stick so that you cannot turn the gun off. This then leads to having a hard time trying to turn the gun on the next time for use unless properly repaired. The automatic safety shut off will operate unless you are on lower pressure ranges. That just means you need to turn the pressure up and run the Torch for ten seconds before turning it off. This is a gun that is loads of fun and a favorite amongst the more trigger-happy agents of Special Unit 2.


The Torch in action

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