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The R.M.A


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I.D Section

Need some id's, code discs, fingerprints, or labels???

"Which was funnier Death Wish 2 or Death Wish 3? Yeah, me too!" - Londo Pearl, The Chase

Are you looking to ramp up the look of your video collection? Are you sick of seeing those handwritten labels on the spines of your tapes? Wouldn't you like to proudly display your collection of Freedom tapes? Well I said yes to all these questions, and for everyone to take a gander at and make your tapes I'll provide the means for you to make your own VHS Labels...





Now, there are no catch 22's here. These are free for you to download as you choose. If you would like me to make special spine labels with pictures or text you have in mind, just e-mail me and I'll craft them up for ya ship them back as soon as I can. Hey who says we all can't have fun and share in the experience of making your video tape collection look wicked!


Downloading is the easy part, wrong. It is one of the easy parts. The best way to do these if first download them to your hard drive or a disk.

Then open which ever word processor program you use. Copy and Paste the image from where ever it opens up at, (ie picture program), and past the image. You'll need to resize the object as you see fit. I recommend from top to bottom 3/4 (three quarters of an inch) left to right I recommend just a tick longer than 5 and 1/2 inches. If you make them a little longer or wider you can always cut them down when you get to that point.

Once you've resized it, copy and paste all the way down the page and leaving an empty text line in between. Just hit return twice after you paste each image.

You're ready to print. WAIT, you need the right kind of paper. I recommend White Full Sheet Labels. It's sticker paper. Avery makes the paper for both InkJet and Laser printers. I have an ink printer and I use the number 8255. That's to help you find the kind of sticker papers that I use. Print up the labels, and cut them out and place them on the spine (side) of your vhs cassete tape.

Normally I fit 9 spine labels on one page in my doc file and cutting them out is good. Before you remove the backing, check to make sure the size is good so is doesn't overlap the small lip on the cassette. That's if you're picky like me though. Happy label making!!!