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The R.M.A


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December 17, 2001 - The search for tapes has now gone the way of the dinosaurs. Thank you to all who took part in the lengthy time that the offer was on the table. Now, it is over.

Just to keep everyone up to date, The Lost Voyage a feature film that Scarlett is in is currently in pos-production and a possible release date could be as early as this summer or fall. Personally, I see this being released early next year though like perhaps January.

International viewer Rosana from Brazil has brought to our attention after 3 runs of Freedom something new is happening. In something called "Warner Brothers Second Chance" new episodes beyond the 7 we saw in the US are airing. The first one shown was "Thieves." Brazil fans are extremely lucky. And indications say the rest of those unaired episodes will be seen in Brazil as well. I wouldn't discount the rest of the world. However here in the US unless someone picks up Freedom for reruns and those unaired, or UPN does in fact decide to air reruns with those episodes we won't see those episodes. But my speculation would point that if Brazil responds well to these new episodes then chances will get better and better that the rest of the world will get to see them. Maybe UPN will notice that, and go ahead and air the full slew of episodes. Things look promising and not so promising at the same time.

News on the fan front:

If anyone Freedom is interested in getting together for a weekend sometime next spring for a get together or mini-convention let me know. This could something for just us fans, where we can all sit down and watch the entire run of Freedom episodes, watch some of the other works of the stars, exchange fics, and have some discussions about the show, then maybe all check out some movies or something. Next spring a lot of big movies are coming out, Star Wars Episode 2, and some others. Just e-mail me...