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The R.M.A


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Alpha Dogs

Airdate: October 27, 2000

The Chase

Airdate: November 03, 2000


Airdate: November 10, 2000


Air Date: November 17, 2001


Airdate: November 24, 2000

The Siege
Airdate: December 01, 2000

Lone Wolf

(Unaired Episode)

(Unaired Episode)

Mind Game
(Unaired Episode)

Live Wire
(Unaired Episode)

(Unaired Episode)

Unaired Episodes:

-Summaries supplied and written by Freedom creator Hans Tobeason-


Our guys have to infiltrate the Military's primary HQ to get a list of double agents working within the Resistance. Among other wrenches thrown at them is the discovery that Decker's son Conor is being held there. Of course, Devon is on their tails per usual.


Our guys have to go back to prison to liberate a very important Resistance operative. It's not the Hole, but an all-women Caged Heat kind of prison (thank you UPN). The twist - Guard #107 from the Hole is working there, and he ID's them.

"Mind Game"

Decker and James infiltrate a weird Military psych ops facility to liberate yet another Resistance operative. But Decker's captured. He manages to escape with the operative, but he's mortally wounded. They hide out in a mountain cabin, waiting for rescue while the other Team members desperately search for them. But is everything what it appears to be?

"Live Wire"

Our guys infiltrate a summit meeting between the Military and a group of former Senators. Apparently, there's a bomb on the premises. Our guys have to find the bomber before lots of people get toasted. As usual, lots of twists and turns as we find the bomber and then find the true masterminds.


The final episode. Jin gets taken hostage by a group of outlaw car club types (they would have been outlaw bikers, but we couldn't afford the bikes). Our guys have to infiltrate the outlaw group to rescue Jin, who happens to have a data stick on her containing the Military's top
secret operating system - with which the Resistance could turn the tide of the war. Our guys get Jin, and the operating system. Decker also faces Devon in a final confrontation. Guess who wins?

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