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The R.M.A

Never underestimate the power of humanity, it may have the power to defeat itself, but its strength comes from the compassion towards one another. That is a strength that can never be defeated no matter how hard anyone can try.

Freedom Does Reign Supreme!!!



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Site Created: October 2000 // Last Updated: January 19, 2004 

I'm not sure what I can do to keep this site update, even on a semi-regular basis but I'm up for the challenge. If anyone has been sticking around or your new welcome to the R.M.A.

Welcome to the RMA, this may not be the first site on Freedom to be up, we are running. I love Freedom, simply put, one of the best shows on television and wickedly entertaining. It's the story of America in a time of chaos sees the President assassinated, the vice president hands control over to the military. Which leads to martial law being instituted in America, and the Regime reigns supreme, but it is control without freedom, and as in the opening narration. "That is a price some of us would not pay." Four imprisoned people, for disobeying the order to institute martial law, find each other and join the Resistance to take back something everyone is entitled to, Freedom.

Feel free to use the forum..

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