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Damage Control

How well do you know Freedom???

This first round features a prize to the first person who answers all the questions corectly.... The prize is a VHS tape with every episode of Freedom that aired on UPN.

You think you know this show? You think you are a die-hard fan? Prove it. Take the challenge, and the first person who correctly answers all the trivia after 9:00 PM EST friday April 27th (the time Freedom would normally be ending)will receive a the complete Freedom collection of all 7 episodes that aired on UPN.

In Alpha Dogs, what did James Barrett say he had a problem with?

In the Chase, what the number of Decker's fingerprint scan?

Which was funnier Death Wish 2 or Death Wish 3?

In the Chase there was a speed limit sign hanging on the wall, what was the limit?

In Assassins, how many packs of cigarettes did Mueller smoke a day?

Where did he smoke his cigarettes?

In Assasins, which exit point were Beca and Jay trying to take out Mueller's family at?

In the Siege, what were Decker's last words?

In the Siege, what was the arranged time for Jay's package?

In the Siege, Londo claimed something was an unappreciated art form, what was it?

In Freezone, how late were Decker and Jay to the meeting with Beca and Londo?

What do you resistance guys smell like?

In Freezone, what did Ferret offer Decker and Jay?

Why don't bugs bite Jay anymore?

In Lone Wolf, who ranked number 8 on the video game scoring list?

In Lone Wolf, what kind of game did Zack want to play with Londo?

In Lone Wolf, At what time did Londo become infected with the toxin?

In Enemy, what hanger did our guys come out from?

In Enemy, what did Nina call Beca?

What would Londo take a bullet for?

Copyright 2001 - DrkAngel_113