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Season 2 Reviews


The Grain
The Skin
The Years
The Invisible
The Eve
The Rocks
The Drag
The Beast
The Walls
The Straw
The Love
The Piper
The Wish
The Wish

In a Mork and Mindy lunch box resides the last genie on Earth. One of the more distinctive Links, Genies only grant one wish. This genie in particular is in a unique class of her own. She is a genie that is three wishes short of 3,000. Once she fulfills the last wish, she attains free will, leaving the world open to her evil. Nick at the same time is beginning a serious relationship, but something goes wrong when his work comes home and threatens to take away someone important to him.

Well what could I possibly have to say about the series finale that many of you have not thought of yourself? "They can't end the show like that." UPN obviously does not know what people really want to see because of what Special Unit 2 has been replaced with in Wolf Lake. This is not going to be a rant and rave I shall remain focused. One of the things I liked most about this episode was the role reversal that Nick and Kate took. It helped create a new dynamic within the show and the two characters. Nick finally took a step in a relationship with someone real. While Kate takes a step back and swears off the romance since she just cannot find anyone who truly understands her. Trust me when I say it looks better than I could describe it. The interaction Michael and Alexondra had was terrific. You could feel the brother-sister relationship they have going while still having the normal dynamic between each other.  It was something special to see Alexondra take on the sister-like role for Nick. It seemed natural and very believable. I have no doubt that behind the scenes they are great friends. You just cannot fake that kind of chemistry and feeling of friendship they have on camera. This is basic value of the show, the core if you will. That is what sells the show as something unique and important to television and high quality entertainment. The Wish was about relationships and how people react to each other, all confined within the subtext of a genie run amok trying to attain free will. Yes, Special Unit 2 actually has psychology to it and a certain level of intelligence that came through in this episode as clearly as it does in all of the episodes.

One of the other favorite aspects of the episode I liked was the Marnie and Jonathan relationship. Jonathan was a riot going to such extremes as hacking into a ticket system to sell out a Kenny G concert. The entire point of sell out was to free up Marnie to go with him to a "real" concert. All you college bound students know what I mean by that. There is a difference between "real" music and Kenny G. Marnie and Jonathan interact a little more since "the Love," and it was fantastic. These two light up the screen the way Nick and Kate do. Although with these, two you do feel that extra special vibe that they would find each other in love at some point. They seem perfect for each other. These are two young and upstart stars, so watch out there is the future right there.

If I had to say, there was anything wrong with the episode it would be how the genie was stopped at the end. I know the ending was in true ironic fashion that Special Unit 2 delivers most of the time. I think I was expecting the Terminator to show its power or something else. Do not mind me, I had to have something I did not like in this episode. Read below for the answer why.

 When it comes to a series finale, I dislike them very much. I find that the final episodes are either one of two things. One they are either just sad to see because it is the last episode, or that the episode beyond being the last one was a let down to fans. Well this episode was not the latter. Like Quantum Leap, I hated that last episode because it was a real emotional tearjerker I put Brimstone's finale as well as Space: Above and Beyond (as well as Special Unit 2) in this selective category. Well I know this is one of the shorter reviews but like I said. I do not really like talking about final episodes since I tend to invest myself emotionally in the show when I care about the characters I just get sucked in. I just dont like saying good-bye, what can I say?

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