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Season 2 Reviews


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The Skin
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The Walls
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The Walls

High school is a time of joy for some but high school is also a terrible memory to others. A memory that some can never escape because of the popularity contests, feeling left out, picked on, and generally looked down on. Kate Benson is one who experienced the latter because being able to see things no one else could. She saw creatures living inside the walls of the high school but since she saw them when she was, alone she did not know that they were real. That is, until graduation day when Kate interrupted the ceremony warning everyone in the auditorium about monsters living inside the walls. No one else saw the monsters but panic erupted ruining the ceremony and big moment for many of her classmates. Earning the nickname "Boo Benson," Kate has never forgotten how much of a loser she felt like because of that incident. It is reunion time for Kate and she has to face her fears, face her past, the creatures living inside the walls . . .

The Walls

Nothing could possibly convey how superb this episode was. "The Walls" quite literally had it all, from the suspense to the drama, from Captain Page singing to Nick getting to play bass guitar. Hands down, on an overall level, this is my second favorite episode next to the very first episode. "The Brothers" is the best because it was the first, and was the episode that hooked me. Now I shall start with where this review deserves to start with on the good points. The best thing about this episode was Kate Benson and the lady who played her.

Alexondra Lee was simply brilliant in this episode. She was very natural and I do not get a chance to say this too often but she was almost a little too real at some parts. It was as if she didn't have to act, as if she was really reliving some memories from high school. The scene where she takes the stage and takes command by telling everyone what is happening again had the right emotion in it to feel like she was finally standing up. Then the scene where Nick and Kate are walking down the hallway and Kate talks about how much she feels like a loser for what happened so long ago was very real and was something I could connect with. With many scenes like that and the overall remembering, reliving the past then facing the present to better determine the future was fleshed out very well by Alexondra. She has a charm and a grace about her that reminds me of a young Grace Kelly. I was very happy to connect with Kate Benson on the same level I connect with Nick on. So often, I have been able to relate to Nicks demeanor and outlook on life. So often have I been able to relate to something Nick goes through, that I feel like Nick is a part of me. Well with aforementioned aspects about Kate in this episode, I can now have that same connection to her character. And that invests my interest into the show that much more. This episode has hand me thinking the last couple days about so many different things, there is no way I could say Special Unit 2 is "just a tv show." It is more than that to me, more so now than it ever has. Not only, does this show give you an escape it also gives you a little insight into yourself and that is something that is much underrated about this show.

Now how about Nick? Michael Landes did a fine job in this episode, his wit and attitude was as sharp as ever. He still gets the best lines since he has to be the real smart ass in this episode. No doubt, about it, Nick is s suave guy the ladies love. Theresa seemed to like Nick and I actually thought they made a cute couple. When I heard those words "Let's get married" come from her, I was shocked. I hate to say it but Nick that reaction on his face was priceless. What I liked most about Nick in this episode was further development in the friendship between Kate and Nick. Nick was invited to the reunion to Kate get over a problem she faced long ago and was going to face again. Nick is her best friend; someone she knows can be insightful and supportive without trying too hard. Nick was there to help Kate heal an old wound and be able to move on from it. I thought the writers; Alexondra and Michael did a fine job keeping that as the subtle expression of why Nick was really at the reunion and not just to set Nick up with Kates friend. Maybe it is just me, but that is what I saw and that was a very powerful tool in developing the friendship those two have while conveying a little insight in the human condition about dealing with the past and what you really need to get through things like that and that would be a friend.

The next best part about this episode was Carl and Captain Page. First, before I delve into those two nuts, I want to mention probably the funniest scene in the entire episode. Seeing Captain Page driving down the interstate to Wisconsin (woooohooo, my state, it is where I live.) and then hearing that song come on by Diana Ross was cute enough, but I felt the need for him to sing. So I started thinking, the only way to make this better is to see him sing. Then he started singing along and I almost fell out of my chair laughing, it was a priceless scene. Now while Captain Page and his little vacation was nice to actually see, what made it all very interesting was seeing the development in the relationship between him and Carl, not to mention in Captain Page as a character. We saw how intelligent he really was, as he, well if you saw the episode you should know what I talking about. Just remember the last scene at the cabin when everything became clear so-to-speak. Yet, what was great despite bringing the added humor to the episode was seeing Captain and Carl bond a little bit. While it was not very obvious, they did seem to grow a little more understanding towards each other and did not trade threats or insults the entire time. Other than what we normally see between the two, we had something different and unforeseen thrown at both of them that evolved their relationship a little bit. I almost had the feeling that at the finale scene that Carl showed that the Captain had earned his respect finally by not going totally nuts or not saying anything at all. They may not like each other a whole lot, but they do have a bit in common and the respect is there even though they do not always show it. Danny Woodburn and Richard Gant add that extra special dimension to the show that reminds us all that the Special Unit 2 is not just about Nick and Kate, it's about each and every person and explore the relationships between each of the characters.

Other than that, I want to give kudos to the creature designers and makers; you all did a beautiful job. It was also nice to see Joydrop make an appearance since they had a song played in the first season episode "the Web." Great band, and now I am going to buy their cds. Very good band indeed, which reminds me of how badly I want to see a soundtrack and score for Special Unit 2 on cd. Despite being exceptionally well written, directed and seeing everything fall into place like a puzzle, Alexondra Lee stole the show and rightfully so. Everything that makes Special Unit 2 great was in this episode, a dark heightened atmosphere, awesome creature effects and riveting performances from everyone. Keep up the great work everyone and I am proud to call myself a Special Unit 2 and proud of the talent on and off screen. I will get off my soapbox for now.