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Season 2 Reviews


The Grain
The Skin
The Years
The Invisible
The Eve
The Rocks
The Drag
The Beast
The Walls
The Straw
The Love
The Piper
The Wish
The Love


It is not just about happiness, it is not just about justice, it not just about solving a problem. Especially when the worst part of the problem is a Cupid that accidentally turns a judge from tough as nails to soft as a teddy bear. The other big problem is that Nick and Kate must track him down. After an eventful encounter, everyone involved is in for an even bigger problem when Nick becomes a peaceful and very loving person. The Cupid must return to Chicago to turn the Judge back into his normal self before an extremely guilty criminal can be let go because of the Judge's newfound leniency. Just one small problem remains when a brutal Link, a Zayban, kidnaps the Cupid to return his own lady back to normal. It is a race against time to get the Cupid back to Chicago in time for the trial before a nasty "human" criminal walks...

The person who I felt stole this episode was no doubt in my mind, Michael Landes. Michael did a fine job doing his usual moody and angry persona as Nick. Yet, it was when he was "happy" Nick when Michael showed he has some depth to his level of acting. It was not just him smiling and running around being happy. It was in how Michael carried himself. He seemed to just transform into a different person entirely, someone Nick would enjoy beating up. Nick did not slouch nor did he walk the same way. He walked with a bit of a swagger and full of life. Nick as we have always seen walks with a purpose and you can read his body language to know he is moody person. This level of detail in acting only comes from what I call the "good actors." Only Michael could have added some of the finesse that he did to his body language when he was transformed. The directors may have had some influence but Michael took it another step further. So, great job to him for his presence and carrying himself well in both roles.

One of the guest stars in Willie Garson makes a second appearance in Special Unit as a link. The first time he was in the "The Brothers." He played the captured Gargoyle that shrunk in the course of his interrogation. However, as the Amorpheon he was as annoying as ever. Willie Garson is great in these roles as he is a believable whiner. I would like to see him in a more serious role so that he is not typecast. It may be too late for that, but the guy has more acting ability than he normally gets a chance to display. His range and depth as an actor is something that would have added greatly to his character in this episode. I only say this because in this episode, the Amorpheon came to be a little too annoying at times and was a bit of a distraction to me. I do not blame anyone for that, no one did anything wrong, just my personal preferences.

The nice side stories involving the Captain and Jonathan were fantastic and added a nice element to the show. I really felt that everyone was contributing in his or her own way to the case. Even though Jonathan was trying to get close to Marnie, he still was focusing on the Amorpheon and how to combat his gas and how to resurrect him. So, bonus points with Jonathan for being able to separate his job from his personal life. He and Marnie have a great chemistry together, and that made all the difference in the world on whether it would have been a dumb sub-plot or a cute and nice sub-plot. The latter of course prevailed but it proved that there was more to Jonathan than we thought. I could totally relate to how he felt trying to ask Marnie out as well as getting to know her and take notice of him. One of the things I liked most was when Nick and Kate out of thin air deciding to help Jonathan out with Marnie. They could have picked on him or done something else, instead they helped. This furthered the development of how the characters relate to each other and how much they really do care. More than ever, I like Jonathan. The actor, himself, made that all the more real and believable. I see great things in store for Mr. Togo. Now the Captain on the other hand (no pun intended) had a different route to romance. By pledging his help to the District Attorney, he showed his mental acumen from his time in law school to how intelligent the man truly is. He is not the Captain for nothing and seeing him be asked out by Miss Williams was a big and nice surprise. These sub-plots gave some much-deserved attention to each of them for their acting ability to shine. They not only brought humor to the episode, but also a touch of drama and realism that raises the integrity of the show.

One of my personal favorite characters in this episode was the Zayban. Although it sounds like a generic name for cheap ray ban sunglasses, the Zayban was a true bad ass. A figure that could be the one character that could test Nick's skill as a warrior. I see great potential in the Zayban to become something of a haunting figure of Special Unit 2, more so than the nameless being in "The Eve." I guess only time will tell of what will and will not happen. I can have my hopes, just as I have my hopes to see Alice back as the damage control agent of Special Unit 2.

I totally appreciated the fact the story was not the typical find the Link and kill it stories. It helps flesh out the characters and what Special Unit 2 is all about. I remember a science geek from the first season that said Special Unit 2 is not an extermination squad. Well this episode proved that there is more to Special Unit 2 than killing things. Who knows what could come next, a safe house, a trip to a Special Unit 2 national convention that Captain joked about once before, or even dealing with a Link in a ransom. The Eve was such an episode like this one, but not quite as "don't kill it" as this was. Evan Katz said this was one of their B stories to show they were not just about killing things and I disagree. I thought that this was an A story that fleshed out the show on an overall level, so that we would not know what could possibly happen in the future. Being able to do something different while staying true to what Special Unit 2 is about, friendship.

Some of the other good points about the episode were the Special Unit 2 helicopter making its first appearance and the special f/x. The Special f/x were excellent in the cgi smoke and the more reality based special f/x with the car blowing up accidentally. Extra special thanks to the stunt guys for setting up the amazing stunts in the episode as well. The level of acting in the episode was superb and the writing was well done. I could only hope the show would be that the show could become more serialized at some point so we could see a bigger picture developing. "The Love" is a perfect fit in the Special Unit 2 universe. Other than finding the Amorpheon to be a little too annoying, I thought this had everything in it that makes Special Unit 2 good.