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Season 2 Reviews


The Grain
The Skin
The Years
The Invisible
The Eve
The Rocks
The Drag
The Beast
The Walls
The Straw
The Love
The Piper
The Wish
The Invisible


Into the shadows and throughout the night, the things that go bump give you a fright. What can you do, when you know he is real, and no one will listen to you? Only the young can see the Link, be careful or you will miss him within a wink. What can you do, when the Boogieman exists? Call Special Unit 2, and wait for Kate and Nick. Adults cannot see him, so they look for help. One boy's father is set to die, to take the Boogieman's rap. It is a race against time, to save a life; the Boogieman is invisible and comes out only at night.

It looks to be the normal routine for me to go through my least favorite parts of a particular episode first and end on a positive note. I shall not strain from the course. LOL Anyway, while The Invisible was a pretty good episode there were a few things that I felt dragged the episode down from being the top caliber episode it could have been and quite easily at the top of my favorites list. Fret not; I am not saying this was a bad episode, far from it. However, there were a few things, about this episode, that bothered me. Aside from the transmission problems for two minutes from the UPN station, I get off Dish Network. One of those points was about Nick and how he lost his father when he was 10. Aside from the scene he told Kate about that and the brief scenes with Jake, it was not developed enough to make the story that much better. It was just rather thrown out there to let us know what happened to Nick. It just seemed kind of quick and underused in the overall story of the episode.

Secondly, I am not sure if anyone else noticed or not, but none of the heads of the victims were ever found. It would have been nice to get an explanation why they were not found; it was left dangling at the end of the episode like an overlooked fact that really did not matter. It goes against everything Nick and Kate stand for, which is especially true of Special Unit 2. It is the right thing to do, to find the missing heads and give them the proper burial so the families could go on and know their relatives could now rest in peace. Also, why were the abandoned subway lines not sealed somehow? If the Boogieman can escape through the subway lines, who is not to say some Link or person could not break in that way?

The last low point for me was the Captain Page sub-plot. The Boogieman Case was the Captain's first case when he took over Special Unit 2. I was thinking when that twist was revealed that this would be a break though chance for terrific Richard Gant. Sadly enough, Nick took over the case. In "the Skin," Nick had to deal with a case from his past and all the effort he put into it. He was involved so deep in that case, he took it personally. The same thing happened with Captain Page in this episode, except the small fact Captain Page did not do much except give information out and coordinate everything. Me, personally, I feel that was a mistake. This was "his" case; much like the chameleon was Nick's case. This episode begged to have Captain Page be the one to take this Link down and put some closure on a past case. This would have been the perfect opportunity to give Richard Gant the chance to carry an episode. We all know he can do it, we just have not seen him do it. A chance to see Captain Page in action, to interact with sources, do some detective work, and track this brute down and lay an ass kicking of epic proportions down on the Boogieman. This let me down the most in this episode.

Captain Richard Page is a great character in the show, rich with potential. There is so much to learn about him, Carl and Jonathan. We have fallen in love with Nick and Kate already, perhaps it is time to learn more about the other three. So many questions remain for all the characters, but we never learned about exactly why or who took Captain Page's hand. Why are his shields always up at full power? Why does he rag on Carl so much? Anyway, as a brief detour before heading into the positive about this episode I have a question to ask. Does anyone else notice how cute Alice and Nick would be together as a couple? When Nick was asking Alice to do a favor for him, I caught a glimmer of attraction towards Nick from Alice. Deep down, maybe Alice has an eye for Nick considering how much they are alike and can match wits better than any two on the force. It would definitely mix things up a bit and add yet another dimension to the show.

The acting in this episode was as good as the previous episodes if not a little bit better. The kid, who played Jake, did an excellent job. He and Michael worked extremely well with each other. I was glad he was not like one of those annoying actors that just make the episode and their performance unbearable. The casting people and the director really showed what this kid could do. This kid has talent and with a well-written character, he shined throughout the episode. I would love to see him back someday. He definitely could compete with Nick, and you just knew one day that Jake would be brought in to Special Unit 2 because of his intelligence and reckless behavior, but someone with a good heart to do the right thing. He definitely made a believable Nick in training. I make no bones about it. I love shows that can pull these kinds of characters and episodes off correctly, that give you insight into what the main characters might have been like younger. Only if these kinds of episode are done right, are they any good. First Wave had a dandy episode in its first season with a Bill Switzer who really came across like a Cade Foster in training. Stargate SG-1 tried an episode like that in the fourth season with Samantha Carter and it just did not work. If done right, it adds another dimension to the show and give the main actors and guest actors a chance raise the level of believability and reality to the situations and everything else.

This was a definite hit of an episode for the comedy. My favorite scene of the entire episode hands down was the interrogation scene with Nick and Carl beating up Marshall the Banshee. I could not describe the scene to really give it the full credit it deserves. You have to see it to believe it. Needless-to-say it was nice to see Carl and Nick bonding like they did. They really do have a brotherly like relationship. Not always friendly, but they do respect each other in an odd sort of way. The mailbox M-80 scene with Carl was another showstopper. I swear who ever thought of that up I would like to shake their hand and say keep up the great work. Someone definitely has a warped mind that I totally appreciate.

This episode definitely mixed all the elements up with drama, comedy and suspense. Great atmosphere created by the writing and the behind the scenes crew with the Art Director, Production Designer and everyone else. The special f/x work was outstanding and rivaled the work on the Invisible Man tv show. With a great Villain, you could not kill this episode. It was fine that he did not speak much; it made him more believable and mysterious. Has the aforementioned low points been different this episode would have been one of the finest to date. A couple missed opportunities downgraded the episode from the off the chart status it was looking for. However, everything else fell into place, with great acting, excellent comedy, good direction and an overall great atmosphere "the Invisible" was definitely a fine episode symbolizing the hard work of everyone involved. Keep up the great work guys. Next week looks beautiful, as John DeLancie guest stars as Y, the king of all Links.

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