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Season 2 Reviews


The Grain
The Skin
The Years
The Invisible
The Eve
The Rocks
The Drag
The Beast
The Walls
The Straw
The Love
The Piper
The Wish
The Beast

Throughout the ages, one name has been synonymous with evil and fear. In modern Chicago, he returns to ravage another city. No one ever knew his real identity, nor his motives, no his methods. Jack the Ripper has come back and starts killing ladies of the night once again. Nick and Kate are hitting road blocks left and right until things get a little to personal for Kate. Just as Kate realizes the true identity of Jack the Ripper, he kidnaps her and it is up to Nick to save her before she becomes another victim...

The Beast

Most of the time when I write these reviews, I wonder where exactly should I start. Should I start with the negative and end with the positive? Or should I go vice versa? Or should I show how confused this episode made me? Well it looks like the latter. Now let me just say this was a good episode that featured very good acting and a decent story, however something was missing from this episode and a couple of the characters, I felt, were compromised.

Tyler Christopher, as Detective David Scott, was definitely one of the highlights of this episode. He looked like a softer version of Nick who was not trying so hard to be a smart ass. He let his emotion take over and half the time you could see he was holding back something. That was my first clue before anything else that he was Jack the Ripper. What surprised me most was how well he turned out in the final scenes in his basement with Alexondra Lee. They showed some real chemistry and thanks to Tyler, you felt sorry for what was happening to him and hoped that his concoction would work. His striving to be human and fighting the evil inside may have been reminiscent of Jeckell and Hyde, and that was the take the writers had in mind for the character. However, that kind of twist would have fallen flat if Tyler had not taken the reigns of the character giving it as much as he could. It takes more than writing and an idea to like a character and believe in it, it takes a person to make that happen. Tyler Christopher came away with flying colors. I see a bright future for this guy so keep an eye out, no, not literally.

Alexondra Lee, herself, started her string of two very strong episodes for her character in "the Beast," which was followed by "the Walls." Nick has been the center of the show since it began with Kate as part of that center, but until the last few episodes. That center has only been one solid core for maybe a couple episodes. Seeing Kate Benson get some episodes in her favor allows Alexondra Lee to showcase her broad range of acting. In this episode, Kate showed her softer side in those same basement scenes and whenever she around the good detective. Seeing her blush was something different that took what we saw in "the Grain," and took it one step further. The chemistry with Tyler was an added bonus to Alexondra's beautiful portrayal as a strong but soft version of Kate Benson. She carried herself well in the comedy scenes with Nick but she manage to carry off that she is a tough cop looking for someone to share her heart with, who them has to promptly raise those shields again. This helped mark Kate Benson as a real person with real problems not a super powered hunt, track, and kill machine. Now more than ever this show is not just about Nick, it is about all of the characters.

Aside from the acting, the rest of the episode was just ho-hum. I mean no disrespect in that. I thought the story was a nice idea done decently. Though slightly predictable, it was a good kind of predictable, as in that it was I would have written myself. I did enjoy and the Jeckell and Hyde twist on the Jack the Ripper mythology. However, for some reason I do not think I will understand what took Nick so long to know something was up with the good detective and Kate's disappearance. He knew something was not right to begin with and so it took him an earring and two photos like 30 minutes or so later to find the missing pieces. Nick is a pretty intelligent guy and is quick to act on his hunches. That really did not stay true to his character, and for the whole episode except for a few scenes, it seemed like Nick was out of character. I rather felt like someone was neglecting Nick in this episode.

I am not greedy, Kate and Detective Scott were great, but Nick just was not right in this episode. His comment at the end towards Carl was a bright moment but was quickly shot down as a joke towards Carl. That was a moment that could have come circle and brought Nick back into the episode. It just did not feel right to see Nick make a comment in "Carl, maybe you should have given her a chance, she might have had a good heart." (not verbatim) Only to turn right around and laugh at that comment and that was something I did not need to see. We did not see Nick in this episode, we saw a watered down version that was not really Nick at all. It was as if he reverted to the way he was before he met Kate.

Despite all that, the episode overall was missing something. I can't place my finger on it but something was missing. Maybe it was the disregard for Nick's integrity and intelligence, I do not buy that though. I was let down by the writing for Nick's character but beyond that there was something that just didn't feel right in the episode. It had the elements there but it did not mesh as well as it could have. Jonathan and Danny had some funny scenes that helped break the seriousness a little bit but it was squandered in the end by Nick's comments. It rather spoiled that whole sub-plot. I will not dwell on this though, so I shall end by saying this was a decent entry into Special Unit 2, but it is not one of my more favorite episode.

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