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Black Scorpion HQ
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Incase you haven't been to the bookstore recently you probably should. Michelle Lintel, graces the cover of the magazine known as "FHM" (Michelle is the foxy lady on the left) and has a two page spread in the Girls of Sci-Fi Section. She has gotten a haircut but looks even more beautiful than she ever has and that's saying something. Traci Bingham and Lisa Boyle also represent Black Scorpion in the Girls of Sci-Fi Section. It's a very sexy article and spread FHM has for them...

Someone going by the name VaderSky informed everyone at the Sci-Fi boards for Black Scorpion, that Trading Cards are on the way. This is what he said:

"My Golden Apple dealer told me that SciFi is coming out with Black Scorpion trading cards, some autographed, three per episode. They will be made by the same company that makes the Farscape series."

Roger Corman has gone ahead and backed money into shooting 44 more episodes to the show, beyond this first season that just began on the Sci-Fi Channel. That's 3 seasons of Black Scorpion, not bad for a decent show.

Site Updates:

February 17, 2003

I apologize for the long absence from this site. I hope correct that by giving this place a face lift and some updates and new sections. The newsletter is a project I really don't know if I'll continue but it people are willing to actually contribute it will be solely a website newsletter like you see it now. The merchandise section has been dusted and updated so check it out. The show has its first release on dvd, so head to your nearest retail store. The lowest price I've seen is $17.99 but it could be worse. I wish we could see a box set of the series.

The Fan Front

As far as the newsletter is going. It is coming soon, there have been a few glitches that we are trying to fix, and it's a hell of an issue. We're trying to make it just right, so thank you for your patience.

Well it seems like a couple Scorp fans are going forward with a newsletter for the show. Stay tuned to this page for more info. There is no name for the newsletter just yet, but there are some interesting surprises in store for the first issue. The release of the first issue is due out mid February sometime. Here's the e-mail addy to add your name to the subscribers list. Just send an e-mail and put the word "Subscribe" in the subject line.