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Black Scorpion HQ
About Me

Well here's a little bit about me...

Well to begin with, I'll keep this short then add to it, and make this page a little better the first chance I get. MY name is Jeff, and a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin -Madison. That's right I'm a loyal Badger, Wisconsin does pretty good for itself, it seems the real presitge is in the hockey team. Well some of my favorite sports are Hockey with my fav team as the Red Wings. Yet I like a good hockey game anytime I can watch. The only team I don't like is any team with Claude Lemieux on it. Which happens to be New Jersey right now... I also like Baseball (go mets!), and play tennis myself, but it's been 2 years since I actively played.

As for television and movies, I am somewhat of a tv and movie nut. Some of my favorite tv shows are First Wave, BrimStone, Qauntum Leap, American Gothic, Total Recall 2070, Space Above and Beyond, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Black Scorpion. Yet I also like the non sci-fi shows in The Daily Show with John Stewart and Sports Night. With movies, I like all kinds, but in Sci-Fi I'd have to say some of my favorites range from Army of Darkness to Dark City, Screamers to The Crow. But non sci-fi works I'd say include Gladiator (which should win the Oscar for best picture) at the very top. Well that's it for now, but I'll be back with a little more a little later.... Thanks for reading... feel free to e-mail me to discuss any of the topics listed above....

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