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The Newsletter


Quo Vadimus

Welcome the second issue of The Stingray Chronicles. Following up that first issue is not so easy but never the less, I love a good challenge. As some of you know the future of our show in uncertain, as Sci-Fi Channel is taking its candy ass time to make a decision. I'm not going to let that get me down, cause its never really over. I'm not going to blast away at the network, that's an online sporting event that takes place daily. You would be amazed at the variety of ways a Black Scorpion fan can levy an insult to and about the Sci-Fi Channel.

Personally, we shouldn't let this decision rest in the hands of people who moved Black Scorpion from Friday to Saturday, then to graveyard shift on Saturday. Maybe it's just me, but perhaps we should a campaign going and start writing letters to Sci-Fi. We should voice our displeasure and ask for better treatment, a second season, and damn it a chain reaction. Cause we deserve it. How can we let this show just fade? This is a great little show, that I've met a lot of really cool people through. I didn't write reviews at Cinescape because I had to. I did it because I see something special in this show, something goes beyond the humor and campy style. I see a show with a lot talent on and off the screen.

You have B.T, Michelle Lintel and many others who are tremendous actors. Then you have Scott Valentine, who is an excellent director. Great writers and better writing than most shows could ever hope to have. Yeah, Black Scorpion slips up every now and then but it wouldnt be so great of a show without them. We get memorable villains brought to life by some of tv's biggest icons in Frank Gorshin and Adam West to name but a few. What is not to like about this show?

We all have our viewpoints about why we like this show but regardless of why we are here. We were all brought together to make friends to last a lifetime and to enjoy a show with family and friends. I've had the same experience with First Wave and am getting that feeling with Special Unit 2 and the people I've met. I even met a lady who loves those shows through the bookstore where I get my genre magazines. I have her hooked on Black Scorpion and she thinks it's just a very cool and fun show that doesnt take itself too seriously. I agree, as this wouldnt be the same show without the feel to it that it has right now.

Black Scorpion brought us all together, are we really ready to let it go, knowing there are some great stories and actors yet to come. I won't be satisfied with anything less than 5 seasons. Although, I prefer 7. Why don't we take back some of that pride this stinking channel took from us. This isn't about the show anymore, it's about payback. Who wants some of that?

Who Was That Natural Disaster?

Did you see that thunderstorm, that lightening strike, or even that Hurricane? Hurricane is one of the more unique villains on Black Scorpion and the lady behind her is one of the more unique actresses. In that she actually takes the time to listen and even talk to her fans when she gets the time. Go through her official website and send her a message. I did, and while it took a little while she replied. I've been a fan of hers for so long and just to get an e-mail and write back and forth a couple times was a great honor. Check out the end result on Page 3 with her interview. We will all get a chance to see her again beyond Zodiac Attack, when in September she will return in Black Scorpion Returns, which is the combination on the first and second episodes. This is the first dvd we will all be seeing.

Athena Massey is a fan friendly actress, who acknowledges and appreciates her fans. How many of us can say that about our favorite actors and actresses? While most of were introduced to Athena with Black Scorpion, some of the other fans recognize her from her long list of movies. She has appeared in numerous Roger Corman features, which is perfect, since he obviously loved working with Athena so much he asked her back for a couple episodes of Black Scorpion. Her other credits include The Nutty Professor, Out for Justice, Molly with Elisabeth Shue, Undercover, and Poison Ivy 3 to mention but a few.

Athena Massey even offered up her acting talents to Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun a smash hit amongst video game fans. Now she has invaded television with Black Scorpion, there is nothing this lady couldn't do. She is poised to become a true star with a bright future, but she's already in star in many eyes with her dazzling personality and stunning good looks. She is a true talent on screen who has a certain charm about her. She may play an over the top super-vixen in Black Scorpion, but this lady knows how to do her job, she can act a lot better than anyone gives her credit for. So who knows what the future holds for Black Scorpion, but if a second season comes around, I would love to see her back.

Check out her official website at:

News Update

Incase some of you Black Scorpion fans out there missed the post that (FYIScorpFact) posted a little while back. Then you might be interested to know that a Black Scorpion soundtrack is coming on CD for a release sometime in August.

Also, if you haven't gotten your 9 card preview set of Black Scorpion, there are some still available at or you could find them at a somewhat lesser price on E-Bay if youre into the online auctions.

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