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The battle ahead will be difficult,
so we must be determined to fight,
we have to keep our faith in each other,
to work together, to trust, if we do that
... We can beat them.

- Cade Foster (The Harvest)

FIRST WAVE NEWS: Rob LaBelle and Traci's next CHATS, First Wave Comic Books, First Wave Trading Cards, check the latest news section for more info...

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First Wave is the story of one man, and his journey to stop an alien presence on Earth. Their mision is to conquer and enslave all of humanity, nothing less than total domination. The destruction of Earth shall come in 3 terrifying waves. The First Wave is infiltration, the Second Wave is death from above, the Third Wave is total Armageddon, should the First Wave be stopped, the others waves shall not occur...

Mondays at 8 PM ET and 1:00 AM ET on the Sci-Fi Channel

Next New Episode: The Flight of Francis Jeffries
JANUARY 22, 2001

What if the Gua could enter your body? What if they could take over who you are, and everything you are? It happened when the Gua first arrived, but have they improved upon that technology, eliminating the transferance device. That's what Cade must find out....

Cadewith Jordan

Coming Together Section

This is for bringing attention to other causes and interests of mine. Who knows, if you have similar interests, you can help out. From writing a letter to signing a petition. It could make the difference for these other campaigns.


The Media Section will return shortly as I gave the site a face lift.

The Official Newsletter of First Wave

The Brethren Chronicle

The newsletter just went Official in the last month. Which is so very cool. Click on the link below to Nei's website to view the plain text versions, or you can subscirbe to the mailing list, in which you shall receive the e-mail versions. These are created in Microsoft Word, if you do not have Microsoft Word, go to, search for it and one of the results will say Microsoft Word 97 32 bit, this will do the trick. It is freeware. These e-mail versions are exactly what we send to the cast and crew. Feel free to submit anything at anytime, we always welcome submissions.

Questions? Comments? Subscribe? Submit? Send an e-mail to

The Outsiders,
DrkAngel and Nei

-Quo Vadimus-

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