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First Wave's Drinking Game

Well, welcome to First Wave's first ever drinking game, as compiled based on entries by DrkAngel, Redvenus, and She_Gua, and Woodstock. Some have experienced drinking games with other shows. These are really fun, but tend to got one out of it, very quickly. For those of age, I recommend taking shots of beer, it takes longer to get a hold of you. But for non-alcohol drinkers, and those underage use soda, it will still provide a buzz. Anyway, here is an example of how this game is played. I'll take the very first entry in the primary stage, every time someone says Subject 117 take a shot of your choice of beverage. Should an entry occur from Second Wave or Third Wave, you take the appropriate shots for those categories. Such as Cade picking a "Goodwin Lock," take 3 shots or swigs depending on whether you have a shot glass or not. There are four categories depending on how often events occur. The number of shots increase with how rare something happens. Hence the Oblivion section, those are the rarest of the rare. Anyways, choose the proper beverage and be responsible. NEVER drink and drive that is just dumb. Your home anyways, but still the idea is still there. That's it, so enjoy!

First Wave (1 shot):

- Someone says Subject 117
- A Gua is killed
- The Assembly is mentioned
- Cade and Joshua meet
- Cade talks to Eddie on the phone
- Cade is wearing sunglasses
- Cade takes off his sunglasses
- Salt is taken by a Gua; voluntarily or involuntarily
- Cade is called or referred to as the Twice Blessed Man
- Nostradamus is mentioned
- Joshua is wearing a leather coat
- Eddie is in his trailer
- Cade kills a Gua without a gun
- Eddie is gambling online
- Eddie is acquiring funds other than gambling online
- Joshua has a gun
- Cade is carrying his bag
- Someone mentions the Second Wave
- You see beer, (i.e. Ice House) in Eddie's trailer.
- Cade hangs up on Eddie when on the phone.
- Cade's watch is on his right hand face down.
- Cade/ Eddie call the other "buddy"

Second Wave (2 shots):

- Crazy Eddie is drinking Jolt Cola
- Joshua pulls a gun on Cade
- A Gua shifts in their husks/bodies
- Eddie mentions his case of paranoia
- Eddie says he's scared
- Cade picks a lock
- Joshua helps Cade
- Joshua says he's a patriot for his race
- Joshua questions his people's mission
- Cade is driving a car
- Eddie is outside of his trailer
- Cade kills a Gua with a gun
- An innocent person dies
- Cade speaks of the Gua but not directly
- Eddie is on the computer
- Eddie hangs up on Cade when on the phone
- Joshua is not wearing a coat
- Cade's watch is on his rihgt hand face up
- Cade gets ID'ed by a cop

Third Wave (3 shots):

- Joshua kills a Gua
- Cade is topless
- Hannah's name is mentioned
- Hannah appears
- Cade gets beat up by a human or Gua
- Cade gets kissed, or kisses someone
- Eddie and Joshua work together, to help Cade
- Cade picks a "Goodwin lock"
- Cade saves Eddie
- See or hear the words "Believe the Unbelievable"
- Cade uses a flashlight

Oblivion (4 shots):

- Eddie is driving a car
- Eddie kills a Gua
- Joshua shifts in his body
- Cade is wearing his wedding ring