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Beyond... The DarkSide


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Latest News on First Wave

Yes Virginia, there was a prophet named Nostradamus...

Rob LaBelle, as we recently discovered is scheduled to do a Yahoo chat on Tuesday 1/23/01 at 3:00 p.m. (e.s.t.)

Traci Elizabeth Lords, is scheduled to take part in a chat on January 25th, 2001 at

First Wave Trading Cards are Coming!!! You can preorder the 6 card preview set right now. They are being released February 07, 2001, and there will only be 2001 sets printed up. A full set of Season 1 AND Season 2 is expected due out in June 2001. Here's the link....

Up to Speed: Well the first edition of the comic book has been released. You can click on the following links for places to order from online. Some places you will be able to order the second issue as well.

Sci-Fi Store

Andromeda Entertainment

Getting up to speed: First, in case you do not yet know, the First Wave Comic Book will be released late December. Hop on over to your local shop and ask them about it, or shortly when the info becomes available the web-sites in which you can order online will be told.

Second, The Anniversary Issue of the newsletter was a hit. Soon to be available will be an exclusive special edition with extra articles, extra interviews, and a very revealing picture that will make you shift in your new husk. It will only be available via snail mail at the cost of $2.00 for the first issue and $1 for each additional issue. This is a chance to raise funds to make the WaveCon a reality. So come and reserve your copy now, and send an e-mail to the newsletter staff at:

Various News bits to get caught up: (this tripod system was worth (insert 4 letter word here) all week)

Newsflash: Sebastian Spence is NOT leaving First Wave. As reported by The Brethren Chronicle, Seb himself said he would remain in the "pivotal role" as always should there be a fourth season.

Sign the card for Chris and his new joy, his beautiful baby girl Francesca Dnaielle Brancato. Send an e-mail with a small note to

Sign the peititon for what you think of the Sci-Fi Channel and it's treatment of first wave. Click on the link it's self explanatory

Go to this following link, it's another way to help fight for first wave, against the evil corporation known as the Sci-Fi Channel. Thanks to Trystan and Scifime2...

SEBASTIAN SPENCE FANS: Family of Cops 2 and 3 are coming to DVD on October 31,2000.