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Cade Foster; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence)

One of the most versatile, and talented actors to come along in a long time. He plays the Foster character like an extension of his own self. He is of the main driving forces behind First Wave. He can play the cool, keep his wits about him under tough circumstances kick ass becuase you killed my wife kind of guy to the letter. This man knows what he is doing...

Eddie; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Crazy Eddie (Rob LaBelle)

It's Jolt Baby! Rob LaBelle plays the paranoid genius that helps Cade along his journey. Proving to be a strong ally and backbone for and with Cade. Rob LaBelle, also fits the role extrememly well. He is one of the most prolific actors to ever grace any medium. He can play the wise ass, he can play the genius, and can even save the day, Eddie grows tougher the more he is with Cade. The more LaBelle and Spence were together the better they are. These two play off each other so well, it's pure magic, it clicks and is soemthing truly fun and excititng to be witness to. LaBelle brings his style of talent and acting to make Crazy Eddie a real human kind of guy. So to Eddie and LaBelle, have a Jolt Cola on me...

Joshua; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Joshua / Cain (Roger Cross)

Joshua is Bad Ass! One of the most mysterious figures on the show, you never know what he will do next. One day he's helping Cade, the next he's trying to kill him. He's a patriot, he believes in his people, but thinks what is going on is a mistake. Yet only a man like Roger Cross could make this guy so tough and alien, yet so human at the same time. Cross is an extraordinary actor who knows no limits with his abilities. He is a tru favorite on the show, just as LaBelle and Spence. All three are just so good, and work so well together, that it's pure heaven to wacth the sparks fly when they all meet. Re-Watch "The Channel" from second season, and you'll know what I mean. Joshua and Cross are very tough, but both help make First Wave most definitely first rate!

Traci; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Jordan Radcliffe (Traci Lords)

The newest additonal to the cast, she is to be a recurring character like Joshua is in the show. I've seen some of her other sci-fi genre pictures. She did a hell of a job in Stephen King's The Tommyknockers, and is just an all around terrific and accomplished actress. She's going to do be great, here's to the future Traci, better snag that Jolt Cola before LaBelle comes back...