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Theater of Drkness Movie Page

This really is a page where I put info up on movies I'm looking forward to and will always have a short review up after I've seen the movie.

I grade on basically a 1-4 scale, but with salt packets. Where 4 salt packets are excellent, 3 is very good just felt it had something special missing to make it great, 2 is good but could have been better. 1 is ok but not something I recommend. No rating means don't ask, while I'm trying to figure out how to get those 2 hours back.

News from the DrkSide...

A Nightmare on Friday the 13th or aptly Jason vs Freddy, has been set for a prodcution start date in mid December, with an aim for release in October of 2001. Hell Yeah, damn time...

Terminator 3: Yes it's coming, if you haven't heard yet, Arnold is coming back, Edawrd is coming back :::scracthes head::: No director is set, but production it set to begin later this year.

Phantasm's End - Bruce Campbell (the man is a god), is signed up to appear in it. The cast is slated to return, thus far half of the money needed to make the money has been secured. It's gonna happen, THANK GOD! Just a matter of time. They are also looking for a theatrical release. This info comes from

Halloween 8 - Yeah, you heard this right too. This is going to be a big spending year for me going to the movies. The latest news from states, "from the office of the producers. They confirm that there will be a HALLOWEEN 8 in theaters in 2001!" Currently Halloween 8 is in pre-production. Jamie Lee Curtis is contractually obligated to atleast make a cameo in this movie.

Dungeons and Dragons

I really have no idea what the hell was supposed to be so wrong with this movie. There was a little over-acting in this movie but beyond that I really enjoyed the movie. It had a good story, beautiful special f/x, it had a sense of adventure and comedy and was just an excellent movie. I remember the cartoon, and the game, and I loved this damn movie because it was pure fun. I hope they make the sequels. I give this 4 Salt Packets.


Well it looks decent starring someone like Tim Robbins can't be all bad, but then again he was in Mission to Mars. This does look more grounded and better. I will see it because a promo aired during first wave, hey it's only 5 dollars. What else would i do with that, spend it on lame cd? Open January 19,2001


Well all i'm going to say is that this movie is worth seeing but beyond that. This movie is best left up to you decide how good it is. I basically thought it was good, it seemed a little flat at times, and something just did not work. I'm not going to be specific, because it is best to go into this movie not knowing much about it. That's the only way you would enjoy this movie at all. I liked the Sixth Sense better, but this was a nice a movie, just felt slow at times. I give this 2 and 1/2 Salt Packets.

The Sixth Day - Quite an Arnold movie, has some guest appearances by First Wave alumni. The one you can easily catch is Peter Kent. The movie was not too bad, but it wasn't good either. It's failed in to execute in a couple places for twists. And some of the plot twists were just lame, but it was a good movie, the action was nice, and the f/x were nice. It was an ok movie, but not like Arnold of old movies, and there wasn't a real conflict with his clone. Overall it was ok, too reminiscent of the far superior Total Recall. I give this 2 Salt packets!

Further in the Future:

House of 1000 Corpses

If you want to prepare for a real honest to god horror movie, this is the one watch for. Written and directed by Rob Zombie. Go to the website at if you want more info as well a trailer and interview with Zombie and why he did this movie. Status: Release early 2001, I've heard January.

Dracula 2000

I don't really like Wes Craven's work. He's a respectable filmmaker but anyway, this movie was ok for the hardcore vampire fans. But for the horror fans, or sci-fi fans, this movie riddled with so much religion it was unbearable at times for me to watch. The soundtrack was awesome, i mean Ultra-Mega by Powerman 5000 makes buying the soundtrack worth it by itself. The acting was very solid, but the story was flat more times than not. Jennifer Esposito rules!!! About time she got into the movies full tilt like she has. 2 salt pakcets!

Final Fantasy

Need I say more! Based on the game, I saw the trailer before before Dungeons and Dragons and it looks awesome for a cgi movie. Release is Summer 2001.

The Mummy Returns

Yes, Brendan Frasier and all the original members return. While I liked the first movie, i thought it was lacking in the scares department. I was hoping for a scary movie, but we got an Indiana Jones like movie. None-the-less I still liked the movie, and it's sequel is coming in May 2000.

Tomb Raider

Yes based on the wickedly cool video game. Angelina Jolie stars in this movie, and I must say at first I had my reservations. One reason was Denise Richards was rumored to be the one to take the roll of Lara Croft. And the success of movie from video games projects. Mortal Kombat was awesome with Christopher Lambert, Mortal Kombat 2 sucked. From early stills and word, things seem to be shaping up. I'm getting more and more interested as we get closer to seeing the movie which is due in Summer 2001.