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In "Enemy," Decker and the group must escort a group of Resistance cell leaders back home. They carry the knowledge of a major offensive, if they cannot return in time to their respective cells everything achieved thus far will be for not. The transportation of choice is an old airplane, which comes crashing down. The Regime is hot on their tracks and something isn't quite right, as these cell leaders start dying or disappearing. Something is terribly wrong and the Resistance could come crashing down.

How many times can I say this during the first 4 episodes? One more time I guess, another nicely done episode full of exuberant characters and the unique relationships they have with each other. Mostly we saw that develop between Becca and the group. Scarlett Chorvat is more than just a beautiful woman she has talent in her eyes waiting to burst out. Unfortunately, she didn't have too many lines and was not a focal point of the episode. She still managed to steal the show with the tension building in her with the bitchy attitude she was getting from a cell leader. After a confrontation with said cell leader and by Decker himself, she had to assert who she is and why she is a part of the Resistance. She proved herself to not be just 'one of the guys.' We also learned that she never had a family before she met them. This is a nice depth to Becca and the aforementioned focal point of James added much development to his character making them both more human yet more complex. Seeing Decker with a mean streak was something not seen before, but he was losing members of the cell leaders and was getting frustrated with all the deaths piling up. However, Londo was his usual crazy self his line about taking a bullet for some French Roast coffee was priceless. Remember the imports are few and far between each other and Londo does have taste.

James was the real focal point of this episode. We learned about how he grew up in a lot of trouble, and said he had nothing to believe in until he became a Marine. This developed from a discussion that James had with a childhood friend, who happened to be one of the cell leaders. Who himself had a troubled childhood but his being sent to boot camp made him want to be a teacher. So that he could help children from making the same mistakes, he did. Darius McCrary conveyed his emotion very well and made believable the disappointment he had in his childhood friend who was the true enemy of the episode.

The writing was outstanding yet again. The twists and sub-plots executed perfectly maintaining the surprise and cleverness in them made this episode a lot better than it could have been. Guest starring was Jenna Lewis, who with all the other guest stars found a balanced amount of time in this episode. You do not always get to see that in most shows these days, but you did here. Jenna Lewis, much to my surprise pulled out a decent performance and her line "I'm a survivor" was a nice inside joke at her last tv show. The downside to this episode was a stunt Becca performed scaling the last leg of the cliff in a race against Decks. It stretched reality a little bit too much. Aside from that, this was an otherwise excellent episode with excellent writing, developing the rich characters that make up our group of heroes, and the chemistry they have with each other.

On a side note, I want to say the lighting guys did an extra cool job in the episode, as it felt a little different than the other episodes thus far in creating a larger atmosphere as if something else was going on a lot bigger than anyone realized. One of the more entertaining episodes helped make this show a formidable one that can compete with other networks as long as they stay away from big breasts and women in thongs. Personally, I would like the show a little darker in tone, style, and writing but perhaps in the future we will.

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