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The premise for "Assassins" centers around a man named Mueller, and his escape from the control of the Regime. In doing so he risks his life and family, so can take back a little part of his soul. It is up to Decker and the group to help him out, but unexpected twists make this one difficult mission.

One of the nicest things that caught my eye about this episode was that Londo and Becca stole the show. Londo was awesome, and the whole smoking sub-plot was putty in his hands. Mueller is a big smoker, and throughout the episode everyone was keeping him from smoking. Londo while Mueller was having trouble concentrating on hacking into the computer system was describing a big cigarette and how it would ease his pain as it represents the regime. Taking a big drag is taking something away from the Regime. Londo and Decker shared a look of "what did you just say?" Londo responded with "I know, I know" not believing himself he just said that.

One low point was Terri Runnels, who played Sandy the fiancÚ of Mueller, known as Terri in the World Wrestling Federation. She was ok at first but then her acting was just too much. Anyway, I thought the action scenes were exquisite and very cool. I loved the descent down the wall of the building, and the fight scenes in the building were very well done. The special f/x were nice as we saw a wall surrounding Washington D.C., brought a sense of darkness to what has happened to that society. The opening sequence
the first time around seemed a bit odd, but when I watched it again it seemed cool. With all the smoke, and then the wide screen effect, with three different camera angles, of the group shooting at everyone was something I haven't seen before. It was a risk, but Jeff Woolnough pulled it off very well.

The writing yet again was superb, as each member of the group, the guest stars, and everyone had excellent dialogue. The sub-plots, and separate stories were integrated very well into one solid story. Along with the heist, Becca and James had to protect the wife and daughter who kept creating problems. It was here where Becca stole the show as well; she had a few more lines, and more time in the episode. There were glimpses of her showing a motherly side to her, she could have filled the motherly role better than Terri, which would have fleshed her character out. The scoring was nice yet again, but also different, there is no set pattern, which is nice. So you can't expect the same kind of score every time for any scene.

This was a very good episode, with the only drag being Terri Runnels. I mean no disrespect to her, but she did not need to appear on Freedom. The show is very strong and extremely well balanced which will make it succeed on its own.

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