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The deal is going down and the Resistance is buying Stingers off the black market. The sale is going smoothly until a sudden attack by an unknown group of men steal the money and the Stinger missiles. A man from Decker's past is responsible, who controls his own chaotic paradise called Freezone. Decker and the group must get back their property, but not before Decker's past comes back in more ways than one, and the group finds itself in trouble

One of the standout characteristics of the episode was the vulnerability of Decker. He lost his wife, and had his child was taken away from him. Those memories came flooding back to him, and we saw how much those memories were tearing him apart. The amazing Holt McCallany delivered this very well. This is a standout episode for him, he displays much restraint yet much pain in his character, and that makes what was happening so real. It was something we could connect with. That is the mark of a terrific actor. That pain came our way via the flashback scenes; they were something of true amazement.

The flashbacks were done in a way that made your skin crawl and feel for Decker. The score was eerily dark providing an almost surreal atmosphere to an already dark episode. The visuals of these scenes were
stunning and are indescribable, except for the fact; they did their job in making you feel for what was happening to Decker. You can also thank Oley Sassone for the direction of not only the flashback scenes but of the entire episode. It was obvious he knew where he was going, and he took us on one wild ride. Of course, I can't forget the wickedly fun fight scenes. The fight scenes in each episode, especially this one flow so naturally and are just pure eye candy. I'm very happy that this is a character driven show, and not an action fest.

The writing of this episode is a testament to the ability of the writers to bring a very intricate episode to the table yet again. All the side stories and sub-plots found a place together with the main premise into one solid and well-crafted episode. An episode that never departed from the message it was sending. That there is always a reason to stand up for what you believe in, there has to be.

Notable to this episode was guest star Verne Troyer (Austin Powers 2) who added a nice element to the episode. He is a good solid actor; it was great to see him in Freedom. Verne Troyer made his character of Cassius come alive; he seemed comfortable in the role. He had excellent dialogue and actors to play off bringing Freedom to a completely new level. The only downside I saw was that Jin was not in this episode, and at one point, the group was captured a little too easily.

"You Resistance guys smell like coffee!"

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