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The Chase

The premise for "The Chase" centers on the heist of security codes from a Regime center. During the escape, something goes wrong and Londo and Decker take a hostage and her SUV. Thus, a race against time develops to deliver the codes to their destination, while avoiding Colonel Devon, and a hostage who threatens the entire mission.

I saw a very well balanced episode in which every member of the cast played an important role. Londo, Decker, and the guest star were the focal points in this episode. Becca and James still were prominent in the episode providing good scenes themselves. This helped flesh out the story and a departure from the main story, showing what they were up to and integrated that very smoothly back into the story. One scene I enjoyed, had them being pulled over by the cops for littering Barrett through a candy bar wrapper out the window of the car, with Barrett offering a candy bar to one of the cops.

The fights and visuals were superb yet again. The Matrix is influential on most of the scenes, but they are grounded 99.99% of the time in reality. This involves the smooth and captivating slow-mo work and wicked camera angles. Early in the episode, during the escape Decker literally ran on the wall of the hallway for a good distance. This was the only time they seemed to stretch a stunt. Overall, they kept the stunts and visuals grounded and beautiful in every way. Eddie Jobson and Sean Callery did another fine job in the score. They can invoke the right kind of emotion in each scene.

I saw a very intricate that integrated many different sub-plots into one smooth story. This kept the action moving, while maintaining the humor. Londo sure is the wild one in the group, but he can back it up with his intelligence. Bodhi Elfman is a very capable actor, and he pulls off the character like no one else could. James Morrison (Space: Above and Beyond) as Colonel Devon finally plays the main villain. Although. He gave a speech of his sacrifice for the country and how hard it was to get where they are. That he will not let Decker take that away from him. This speech accentuated his character showing early signs of a very complex man.

Overall, a sense of action, sense of adventure, and humor made for a well-balanced episode. Intelligent and clever writing provides the foundation for one fine show. There is so much good about this episode and show, but these were the important facets of the episode. It still has some drawbacks, as Becca should have more lines. A little development for her and Barrett too, but that with time will iron out and make this show more intrinsic and that much better.

"If we do nothing, nothing changes!"

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