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Special Unit 2 Episode Reviews


The Brothers
The Pack
The Wraps
The Web
The Waste
The Depths
The Depths

I have to say that teach episode in this short 6-episode run are extremely well written and fantastic entries. What makes things more interesting is how the episode ended with Nick going to everyone and having a chat with all of them giving us a sort of closure. Special Unit 2 did not know what the future held and did its best to provide good quality entertainment with something fresh and exciting. Special Unit 2 gave something wonderful to watch, and now SU-2 will get a chance to tell twenty-two more stories, as the show is coming back for a second season.

I normally do not like watching season finales that you have no clue if it marks the series finale or not. This is why I was slightly sad while watching the show, cause I did not want it to end. Yet, the twists and turns in this episode were reminiscent of The Prisoner television show. As watching an episode of that, it is clear that the audience formulates their own ideas as the episode progresses. Sometimes you are right with Number 6; sometimes you see things he does not. Where that show succeeds, is when everything you learned and tried to make sense of ended up being the exact opposite. Now that is the mark of intelligence, to make even the littlest scenes mean something in the big picture that the characters in the show do not see.

In "the Depths," Kate's sister Megan met a great guy named Scar at a museum who she knew very little about but wanted to get to know more. As the episode progressed, we had hints that he may or may not be one of the Links. From the tattoos to the look Scar gave Kate when he left her apartment and the way he kissed Megan near the end lead us to believe he was for sure a Link. There were times when he seemed too human like when he was describing his band and the way he conducted himself. Of course on the flipside, if he was a Link, that is extraordinary intelligence to be that believable. So, it was conflicting throughout the episode until we saw that last kiss. The came to knockout blow when we discovered he was a human, but who was hiding from his past and who he really was. This gave the story a nice human touch about how we should accept ourselves and past mistakes and try to move on instead of running from them. Like previous episodes, we really did not get all the answers, that let the audience fill in the blanks, and I love shows like that. Anyway, without a doubt this was one the tightest and intelligent episodes of the series.

Every person in the cast had a vital role in story. Captain Page took a more active part in the mission and the case something we had not seen since the first episode. That was a great addition to this episode to see Richard Gant bring out the best in the entire cast. He has shown that numerous times and with his odd sense of humor, he is the real wild card on the show. The way he carries himself and his facial expressions are nothing short of the devil in disguise feel. You just do not know what he will say or do and his presence really does raise the level the actors around him. The scenes with Carl and Captain Page showed how nice it is to watch those two shift gears at a seconds notice. Danny Woodburn and Richard Gant have a great banter and wit about them that just feels different and wacky at the same time.

Sean Radmon as well got out of headquarters for a little while as he took a larger role in the crime scene investigations. His little remarks about sorority girls reminded me of past experiences but then like a guy when face to face with these girls and they notice him as a member of this secret cop division his stud factor goes through the roof and he even ends up with a date with one of them at the end of the episode. I thought that was very nice as at least one of the girls saw through what he was saying and saw something in him. As a character Sean Radmon is like the guy who will go so far then say 'that's not me, this is me and if that's not what you're looking for I understand.' That makes him a lot more realistic and more like some of us watching the show. He reminded me of me a little bit. Sean Whalen brings out the depth and intelligence in Radmon that that character would otherwise lack. Sean Whalen has a gift with sharp dialogue and making all the techno-babble make sense and like he really does know what he's talking about and that just adds a lot of flavor to the show. I originally that Radmon was a bit of a dork and as the series has progressed he's more real and more like someone I would call friend than a dork.

The last thing I wanted to mention was Alexondra Lee's performance as Kate. I have not really given this lady the credit she deserves. She brings a charm and sexy feel as Kate Benson and that is on top of her talent as an actress, which brings Special Unit 2 to a level above other shows on television. Alexondra had her test, when she had to play Kate the Special Unit 2 agent, and Kate the protective sister. Alexondra portrayed both sides of Kate very well and meshed them together in a very climatic scene where she was severely kicking some ass. It was nice to see Kate get tough as nails and keep her focus on her sister and the case at the same time. To convey so many different emotions all at once without compromising the character and making it look real and believable. Alexondra Lee has range and depth and that makes her a talent and great asset to Special Unit 2.