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Special Unit 2 Episode Reviews


The Brothers
The Pack
The Wraps
The Web
The Waste
The Depths
The Wraps

Continuing with on in the same vein as the last two episodes "The Wraps" is a stellar episode. Just before "The Mummy Returns" hits the theaters, Special Unit 2 conjured up a great way to wet everyones mouths for the movie. Joel Surnow, the writer of this episode made sure that the similarities end at their being a Mummy episode. With some nice twists and turns, this episode was very exciting with a dark and intelligent edge to it. For example, when Kate was kidnapped was when we found out Dr. Edens was kidnapped shortly after the first altercation in the museum Everything just clicked into place at just the right time, which in my opinion is a sign of intelligence of the writer and for the audience. They could have waited until the end like most shows to wrap up all the questions, but like a true adventure show, we learn things along the way only to get more questions. I love it when a show make you think like that, it has an air of quality to it without being too much.



The score was beautiful and through out the episode it provided the sense of urgency and suspense that this show thrives on. I didnt think about the score until the second viewing, because like a good score, the first time around you don't even notice it. I am happy to say it got my blood pumping in the fight scenes and it was a gripping and hard rocking score. Of course, how can you not like an episode that features a Powerman 5000 song in the beginning, which has no relation to a score by the way.

Bringing our favorite convenient store clerk was classic, I did not even recognize him until he said he was getting down to the Powerman 5000 song. He is a nut, a good actor, but a funny and outlandish character. I enjoyed the scene where Nick and Kate were trying to convince him what happened was his imagination. He just replied " I know what I saw and I'm going to the Inquirer." In which Nick convinced him by mentioning drug tests and probes at the hospital; the whole scene was pretty classic. I would certainly love to see this Mike Rad pop up now and then just to make things interesting.

If there was anything I would complain about was I did not think we saw enough of Captain Page. He is a great character played be a great actor. I love to see him interact more with Nick and the rest of the cast. Every scene he is in just adds so much to what is going on in that scene. It is like he brings out an edge in the characters. His threat to Carl to get back to work or hed send Carl's Rap Sheet to his girlfriend was nothing short of hilarious. I would just like to see more of Page and perhaps a story centered around him. It'd be a great story, like maybe a previous monster he has dealt with who got away and now he has a chance to make things right. Oh well, I am sure the writers and producers will do that eventually it's just nice to think about that.

In the end, I was very happy with this latest installment in Special Unit 2. Everything from the stories to the fight scenes were brilliant. I truly love the cinematography and everything about this show. The Wraps was a great example of what is great about this show. The beautiful sets that ranged from the one the mummy was going to make his sacrifices at to the museum sets. Then issues of relationships while working in Special Unit 2 provided a good human base from which to evolve a suspenseful and dark yet wildly entertaining ride.