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Special Unit 2 Episode Reviews


The Brothers
The Pack
The Wraps
The Web
The Waste
The Depths
The Brothers

A series of kidnappings plague the Windy City and it's unsettling and frustrating to the police force, especially to a one Kate Benson. An officer who sees below the surface for what they are, something her fellow officers do not understand. It has been a quality she has had her whole life. Acting on a hunch, she stakes out a building where she expects the next kidnapping will happen. Her hunch pays off, but she gets more than she bargains for when she realizes the people behind the kidnappings are not really people at all, but Gargoyles. Kate Benson tries to save the little girl but is unsuccessful as the Gargoyles take her. The she has to face her superiors and tell them what happened. Someone else was there and that mysterious man saved her life, yet, they still lost the girl to the gargoyles. After speaking to her superiors who think she has lost her mind, Kate Benson the mysterious man approaches her once again. This man takes her to Special Unit 2, a secret undercover division of the Chicago Police Department. Special Unit 2's mission is to take out monsters and protect the world from the truth. Immediately assigned to the case of the kidnappings, Kate and Nick O'Malley must team up and find out where the Gargoyles are hiding the kidnap victims before it is too late. The Gargoyles have their eggs that are about to hatch as they are near the end of their 17-year incubation period and will be very hungry.



This is the pilot episode for the new and uber-cool show in Special Unit 2. As with the rare pilots for TV shows, "The Brothers" is a very beautiful yet wicked way to start a series. I have not seen a pilot so well written and directed in a very long time. Even though this is the pilot and serves as an introduction to the series and its characters, it was very effective in creating a suspenseful and action packed hour of excitement.

One thing this episode proved more than anything is that you can create a fun show and still have a visually stunning and well written quality to it. The story itself was surprisingly intelligent and did not insult the audience in any respect. It was well written and kept you on the edge of your seat wondering what was going to happen next, maintaining the clever dialogue while delivering suspenseful atmosphere the story was striving to achieve. The twists involving the character of Nick O'Malley were well executed and placed so that we saw him for he is inside and how the effects him on the outside. Where we saw him give money to the orphaned children of his deceased partner that had died two years earlier. He is straightforward but there is more to him underneath his shell, that we will only see when he wants to share that. I thought that was a very intelligent way to create his character with a lot of complexity. Special Unit 2 is successful in creating many different and unique characters in the same way Nick's character is different from other typical men in sci-fi shows these days.

Alexondra Lee, Michael Landes and the rest of the cast performed excellently. Each actor suited his character and felt natural in who they were which made them much easier to connect with. The chemistry this cast has is amazing. For instance, when Captain Page first met Kate Benson, he tried to educate her about the "truth" which she seemed amazed yet not totally convinced by. It seemed to be too much, but since the actors were able to play so well off each other, it brought out the emotional impact the scene was supposed to have. The emotional impact was that of being right in the middle of something bigger than yourself or anyone around you. The scope of her situation faced her but she did not go running. In order totally convince her Carl came running out and tried to attack her, when Captain Page shot Carl several times. He stood back up, shrugged it off, and made a remark about how much he loved the shirt he was wearing. The essence of the scene was not lost with that dry humor, it made it even more exciting.

The Brothers, was also a very beautiful episode artistically. The gargoyles themselves were simply amazing. You can thank Patrick Tatopoulos for his brilliant work, who also serves as the Production Designer on the show. The sets were beautiful as well, as they ranged from the bright and wide in scope headquarters of Special Unit 2, to the haunting underground coalmine storage facility the gargoyles were using as storage for their eggs and hostages. The scoring itself ranged from the edgy and fast paced action scene to slow, dark and brooding suspense scenes. This initial episode works on so many different levels from the beautiful shooting of this episode and the art direction right to the acting and writing of this episode. The Brothers did not miss a beat and is the perfect example of how you start a series. I am not one for bold statements, but I have no doubt in my mind. Special Unit 2 is the best show on television right now. I'll get heat for that, but you know what Special Unit 2 is worth it.

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