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The Vault: Section 1, Box 2

"... And hey, let's kill some monsters out there." -Nick O'Malley

Kate: Do you want to work or insult each other all night?
Nick: Give me a minute...

"It's a political statement, they are disrespecting my people." Carl, in response to robbing a house with a yard filled with gnomes.

"If you don't have a choice, you might as well have the guts." -Nick O'Malley

A Thrope in its early stages..

Selene la Luna's Primo Quotes

Sean: Let's begin our day with the assumption that I have nothing better to do with my life than to walk you through some statistics.
Nick: I'd say that's a pretty safe assumption.

"Unusual in that she was found only, uh... partly eaten." - Sean, about a victim

Kate: Full moon, victims being eaten... are we talking about werewolves?
Sean: "Werewolf" is the mythic term for lycanthrope Links--"Thropes." Human/animal hybrids that transform with the lunar cycle... share physical characteristics with canines.
Nick: In other words, werewolves.

Sean: It's a contagious condition spread by a mutagenic virus that can be passed through the saliva.
Nick: Like the flu.
Sean: Yeah, O'Malley, if the flu destabilized your DNA and reverted your cell structure back to pre-human evolution savagery.

"In other words, good luck trying to catch these things. I'm staying home." - Sean, after Captain Page's description of Thropes abilities

[Talking about Carl.]
Captain Page: Because I'm extremely aggravated with him.
Nick: That's generally the effect he has on people.

[Referring to Carl.]
Nick: You know when you're under house arrest and they lock an electronic tracking device to your ankle?
Captain Page: You put one on him.
Nick: No. No, I was worried he'd pick the lock and get it off, so I... I made him eat the transmitter.

Kate: Judging from the footprints...
Nick: Pawprints.
Kate: Thank you...

"Thropes hunt in packs like wolves. But unlike wolves they devour people in the middle of Chicago." - Kate

"It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. Thropes are equal opportunity killers." - Kate

"Crowbar's a nice look for you." - Kate, to Nick

"I was absolutely not engaged in any criminal activity whatsoever." - Carl

"Missed. These things haul ass." - Old Woman, actually an SU2 Undercover Officer known as Delgado

"Not all of them. One of them is moving into Quadrant Two. At you, Kate." - Nick, about the Thropes

"That was incredibly risky and stupid. Nice work." - Nick, to Kate

Carl: I haven't done anything you need to overlook.
Captain Page: Lately.
Carl: But I was thinking. If anything should come up in the immediate future I hope you'll remember what a great help I've been.
Captain Page: Fine. I'll lock you up for one life sentence instead of two.
Carl: You're a generous man.

"Well, unfortunately for you, Mr. Kendall, your status as a cannibalistic Lycanthrope supersedes your rights as a U.S. citizen." - Kate

"The only mistake we're talking about is you snacking on people." - Nick, to Kendall

"Yeah, well, at least I don't turn into a Great Dane once a month." - Nick

"The only downside is once a month you become a murdering man-eating psycho." - Kate, after finding out about Thropes ability to go without food and sleep in human form

Nick: Thanks for pointing that out.
Carl: Just trying to be helpful.
Nick: And failing.

[After Nick let himself get bitten by a Thrope.]
Captain Page: What in the hell did you think you were doing?
Nick: Thinking outside the box.

Kate: But you can fix him, right?
Sean: In terms of O'Malley, I'm pro "spay and neuter."

Kate: What's he [Craig Richards] like?
Nick: Exactly what you'd think--total and complete white-collar scum.
Kate: Did he buy your cover story?
Nick: Now he thinks I'm total and complete white-collar scum, too.
Kate: Good... I think.

"And? Aside from the fact you in a suit looks inherently suspicious?" - Kate, to Nick

"Ten... including me. (pause) That was a joke, Kate." - Nick

Kate: Will you meet me back at the station house tonight after you meet with Craig?
Nick: Sure.
Kate: Promise me, Nick.
Nick: Yes. I'll be there.

[Talking about Nick.]
Todd: Does this guy have a smart-ass answer for everything?
Craig: So far.

Todd: So what do you think--true or false?
Nick: I think if I don't jump off the roof, I get pushed. Doesn't matter if it's true or false.

"You won't catch them tomorrow night unless I'm there... to protect you." - Nick, to Kate

"Will they give us a shot at killing Thropes before they kill us or not, Sean?" - Captain Page, after Sean went into a techno-babble about the weapons

Captain Page: Everyone has orders to try and ID Nick and separate him from the pack. But if we can't you understand what has to happen.
Kate: I understand, sir.
Captain Page: If you're not up to this no one's expecting you to be part of this operation.
Kate: That's not true, sir. Nick is.

"It's okay. We got 'em all. We got the rest of them. Just come in and we'll take care of you. Now, just remember who you are. Okay, your stronger than this thing... Nick." - Kate

Sean: O'Malley regained consciousness this morning. The med team's evaluation says, he's uh... overly aggressive, impulsive, and they recommend he be discharged for violent tendencies.
Carl: In other words, they can't tell the difference.

Nick: Last time I saw you, you were firing at me point-blank.
Kate: So you remember everything?
Nick: No. Only pieces. But I remember coming at you, and I take full responsibility.
Kate: Meaning what? Taking full responsibility is what got you into trouble in the first place.
Nick: Meaning if I lost control--if I can't trust myself--everything changes. And you need another partner.
Kate: Oh, wait. Come on. What you did that night isn't relevant to who you are. The Thrope virus takes over your rational mind.
Nick: I don't care. Either I lost control and I tried to kill you or I didn't.
Kate: Look, my impression is you knew we'd try to get the antidote into you that way. And that's why you moved on me.
Nick: Are you saying that because you're cutting me a break or because that's what you really think?
Kate: Does it really make a difference?
Nick: All the difference in the world.
Kate: (pause) Because that's what I really think. You were never out of control.