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The Vault: Section 1, Box 1

"Remember guns don't kill people, gargoyles do!"
-Nick O'Malley

Kate: ... and you killed that thing. *hesitant voice*
Nick: *with a sly grin* Yeah and it put me in a good mood the rest of the rest of the day

"Atleast the women I date when they go to work wear clothes."
-Sean Radmon

Selene la Luna's Primo Quotes

Kate: Now you're coming back there and you're going to tell my Captain everything that happened.
Nick: So he can think I'm as crazy as you?
Kate: You don't know they think that.
Nick: We bugged his office. He's on the phone trying to get you committed.

"By the way, the clock's ticking. We have to stop a massacre. So you might want to hurry it along." - Nick, to Kate

"This is fake. No, it's not." - Kate

"You'll find out when I take you to the station house. (pause) If and when you take your hand off my ass." - Nick, to Kate

Nick: In case you're wondering, that's my pepper spray.
Kate: And this is my knee.

"This place is left over from an old subway line. City keeps saying they'll move us but you know how it is." - Nick, about Special Unit 2's station house

Captain Page: I assume you've heard of Special Unit 2.
Kate: Uh, the, uh... deep-cover plainclothes unit. Only thing anyone's ever said is just to stay out of their way.

"Benson... you ever catch something out of the corner of your eye? Ever feel like there's something out there in the dark, something... bad? Everybody does. But you don't turn away and that's the real reason you're here. You see things others are trained not to regardless of what your captain thinks." - Captain Richard Page

[Captain Page pulls out an evolution chart.]
Captain Page: You recognize this?
Kate: Yeah. They had a chart like this over the board at school.
Captain Page: Well, Darwin was half right. Scientists think they've never found the Missing Link. But the truth has been staring at them in the face. The monsters of every child's nightmare are the Missing Links. Which is why every culture has the same fairy tales about the same creatures. Baby-eating ogres, virgin-loving dragons, 200-year-old trolls... they're all real. Except vampires.
Kate: Vampires.
Captain Page: Oh, complete, total fiction. Never heard of anything so ridiculous in my entire life. I don't care if it creeps, slithers or exists in the ether. If it's something the rest of the world doesn't understand or acknowledge, this unit deals with it. We call everything that's not man or beast "Links." These things love Chicago. Don't ask me why. I wish they didn't. This unit was formed to keep them in check.

Captain Page: And do you have complete and unhesitating faith in all I've just told you?
Kate: Not in my nature, sir.

[Captain Page shoots Carl 12 times in the chest.]
"Well, that's our initiation. It speeds up the belief curve." - Captain Page, to Kate

Captain Page: Meet Carl. He's what folklore calls a "gnome." He's our snitch and a mascot.
Carl: Mascot? You believe what I put with around here? You know you're paying for this shirt. (to Kate) Hey, how you doing?

Captain Page: Carl helps us out from time to time, so we go easy on his little convenience store robbery problem.
Carl: Don't you just love it when people talk about you as if you're not standing right here?

Captain Page: Can't figure out how to kill that thing so we keep it around for garbage disposal. And for recruits that don't make the grade. (pause) That's a joke, Benson.
Kate: Yes, sir.

Sean: So, the cycle goes like this: as the hatching time comes closer a couple mature gargoyles who have been hibernating awaken and start gathering food.
Nick: People.
Sean: When the babies are born, they'll have brunch.

"Meaning that's how long we have to find the eggs before the gargoyles eat the victims and try to take over the city. All right let's do it." - Nick

"You enjoyed killing that. Saving my life was secondary. (silence) Okay, you're supposed to disagree with that." - Kate, to Nick

Kate: Does it involve violence?
Nick: Well, we can only hope.

"There's the man you need to talk to. Except for the "man" part." - Nick, about Carl

Kate: No one's going to do anything stupid that would be caught on camera. Right?
[Nick shoots out the camera and VCR.]
Cashier: Jesus!
Kate: Jesus.
Carl: Jesus...

Kate: O'Malley, put your weapon away.
Nick: In a sec, after I fire it.

Captain Page: We started with the psychological approach.
Sean: Which, unfortunately only works if you're human and you have a psyche.

Kate: Like, how did humanity fight them off in the Middle Ages?
Sean: By dying from the bubonic plague and cutting way down on the gargoyle's food supply.
Kate: Another problem strategy.
Nick: I think I got it.
Kate: What? Aside from a case of homicidal mania?

Nick, to the Gargoyle: You look pretty pathetic. We took pictures. I'm using them as Christmas cards.
the Gargoyle: I got rights. Don't I get a phone call?
Nick: Humans have rights. You have... horns.

Nick: But transfers are not a problem for other reasons.
Kate: Why, 'cause they all get killed?
Nick: Well, one guy lived but he just sits in a room and talks to himself.

Nick: No one's ever saved my life before, believe it or not.
Kate: No, I believe that.

Kate: Okay, so when a cop or anyone asks me to explain myself...
Nick: Just say "Special Unit 2."
Kate: I love that.

Carl: Hey, O'Malley. Step on it. I've got a love appointment to make.
Kate: I wouldn't push my luck, Carl.
Carl: I hear ya. I'll just tell O'Malley's mom it was him who made me late.
[Nick turns up the volume on the radio and Kate gives him a questioning look.]
Nick: To cover the screams.
Kate: Would you let go of his neck? He can't breathe.
Nick: That's the whole point.