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Black Scorpion HQ

The Lair of the Black Scorpion!

Here's a website dedicated to one of the more unique and refreshing shows in recent memory. Black Scorpion, starring the gorgeous Michelle Lintel. This show is a cross on the old Batman tv series, with a modern update and enough twists to make it very unique and loads fun for the entire family.

The headquarters will always remember Black Scorpion!
Beware the sign of the Scorpion!

Well, I'm getting closer to getting this site to where it should be. Keep tuning in. Same Scorpion time! Same Scorpion Website! Don't forget to check out the other sites on the web ring, they are excellent if not better than this site. There's some talent waiting to be seen in the Scorpion universe, so try your hand at a website.

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Site Created 01.2001
// Site Last Updated 01.18.04

- Yep, long time no see. I'll try and be better this time around. The only section updated is the "Merchandise" section.

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