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Black Scorpion HQ
The Stingray

The source for quotes from Black Scorpion!


Armed and Dangerous

"We are not a city of angels, but a city of muggers, carjackers, and murders... 'don't forget embezzelers and adulterers.' " -Mayor Worth started the quote and Babette ended it.

"Besides, outfitting your alter ego wih vehicular weaponry gives me an excuse to get out of the apartment." -Argyle

Wave Goodbye

"Walker, I want to see you in a bikini right away!" - Cpt. Stricklen

Blinded by the Light

Red Dragon: Oh come on lady, give me a break.
Black Scorpion replies: Where do you want it? the leg? the neck? or how about the face?

"I thought you liked things over developed!" - Vision

Home Sweet Homesless

"So many men so little time." -Black Scorpion

"The problem with fighting you chinese, is that an hour later I want to do it again." - Black Scorpion

Love Burns

"It's a good thing I had a fireman in my bed!" -Darcy Walker

"Alright! Enough! Everyone with a mask on is under arrest!" - Steve Rafferty

Out of Thin Air

"I didn't slave over the microwave the last 3 minutes for nothing!" -Darcy Walker in Steve's hallucination

No Stone Unturned

"I know what I'd do without you! I'd get some sleep!" -Argyle

Crime Time

I'd love you just like my granny. I'd come and visit you every sunday! -Argyle

Make no mistake, my plan will go off, like, clock work! -Clockwise

No Sweat

Don't just stand there girls! Make her sweat!!! - Aerobicide

Baby, what did I tell ya, too much exercise will kill ya. -Argyle

An Officer and A Prankster

"I'm starting to feel wicked!" - Gangster Prankster

"The last time the mayor had a good idea, we were dressed up like clowns." - Specs

Life's a Gas

I'm too young and good looking to die! -Babette

Don't fire till you see the whites of her, of her, cloud! - Strickland

Rose Are Red, You're Dead

"Too much crime going on, I need a nap! - Specs

"You can go back to where ever bimbos come from or you can go to jail for being his accomplice!" -Black Scorpion

Fire and Brimstone

"The only hard feeling you're gonna get is my fist against your face." -Black Scorpion

"Why can't I ever meet a nice normal girl?" - Steve Rafferty

Virtual Vice

"The big idea is to fight real bad guys, not pretend ones." - Captain Strickland

"If you're going to use your hard ware, I'm going to use mine." -Mindbender

Bad Sport

"You can't go around breaking peoples back, you could hurt someone." - Babette

Darcy: Wait a minute, first one of the Saints is paralyzed, now one's dead, what are the odds of that?
Specs: 20 to 1, pay up...

"Come on girls shake your pom poms." -Slapshot

Black Scorpion: So. You're not going to arrest me?
Steve: What, you're not going to kiss me?

Kiss of Death

"All I want to do is love you .... to death!" -Angel of Death

"The Devil you know is better than the Angel you don't." -Black Scorpion

Angel: Not even heaven can help you now.
Black Scorpion: Then maybe it's time to open the gates of hell.

He Who Laughs Last

Steve: He stole my joke!
Darcy: Which is why no one is laughing!

"You drive like a clown." -Black Scorpion

"If we get more of these balloon people we could start our own parade." -Slugger

Photo Finish

"While Flashpoint has a bright future as a super-villain, his career as a photographer is over." - Don MacDonald quoting an unidentified person.

"The only person I want you to take dirty pictures of is me." - Vision

Space Case: May-day, May-day. I'm under alien attack. It looks like some kind of giant insect.
Black Scorpion: Atleast you understand the gravity of the situation.

Power Play

"Hurt me some more." - Stunner

"The only thing he's going to shoot is the breeze." - Stunner

Face the Music

"This is Don MacDonald reporting live ... atleast for now!" - Don MacDonald

Darcy: What makes you think they'll run?
Steve: They always run...

Zodiac Attack (part one)

Slugger: Aftershock is going to blow up a farm...
Specs: ... or a glue factory...

"Yes, I agree Mr. Mayor. My police force does stink worse than noraml." - Mayor Worth

Zodiac Attack (Part Two)

Stever:... We draw Inferno's fire. We distract him long enough that we take out the others.
Slugger: What do you mean "we?"
Specs: Yeah we are not into this plan.
Slugger: And what exactly IS the "we plan?"

"We can talk about my hair later. I've been bald too long. I want to grow it out like a jerry curl." -Argyle

"So does Professor Prophet think Polyster will be back in style next season?" -Veronica

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