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Welcome to Damage Control also known as Special Unit 1, which is the official name for the sealed and classified city records.

Damage Control


Let Freedom Reign

Site Update:

January 19, 2004
2003 was a really rough year and to some extent I'm still recovering from it. The story is, I got engaged, four months later I wasn't, a dear friend passed away shortly after the banshee broke my heart, work related stuff, etc... Anyway, bottom line is I'm back and I'll do what I can to keep this site going. I have a new e-mail up just to the right... I'll be back with more stuff...

'Tis the story of an elite fighting squad that takes on the supernatural. More specifically you know that big foot in your yard the other day. They got him. You know the werewolf that tried to snag that television because it had that Brittney Spears Pepsi commerical playing, they got him too. It wasn't a pretty site to say the least. These special people bring down the monsters that creep through our society and are just really, really creepy. Make sure you're packin' some major heat cause Special Unit 2 could always use some bait!

This site is constantly being updated, keep checking back!

Also, a special thank you for all that visit this site, I greatly appreciate your time. :-)

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Site Created: April 09, 2001 // Last Updated: January 19, 2004

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